Saints continue their streak

Last week Richmond won their first game of the year by 47 points over the hapless Port Power but that was last week, this week my boys Richmond come up against the Saints who we haven’t been able to defeat since round 4 2003, to think I’ve lost 11 bets since that game to my [Read more]


OVER a period of three decades I have worked with some interesting media people. All of the ones listed here have reported on, or broadcast, Bendigo and district footy fixtures. They have then gone on to to ply their craft in Melbourne at AFL level. In my early days at the Bendigo Advertiser it seemed [Read more]

GWS and NRL Converts- The Bigger Picture

I am by no means surprised by the negative reaction to Folau’s signing.  Not too long ago I completed a Master’s thesis about the commercialisation of sport and the impact this has had on the sporting community.  I wrote about how games were once an expression of the people, where citizens gathered for a common [Read more]

Crio’s Racing: Flemington, Brisbane and Sydney Swimmers

Anyone working on the racecourse now is besieged by “responsible gambling” pamphleteers and a  determination to embrace a politically correct tide alerting any of the few wayward punters likely to visit our wind tunnel that they might lose. A lifetime in the betting ring has revealed many sad tales and it is a disease to [Read more]

Round 10: Port Adelaide v Richmond – Tigers wanted win more than Power

As a casual worker at K-Mart I’mm only given one shift aweek. One shift. I’m available any time outside school hours except for one time. When Richmond plays. When I took up my port time job I was sure these two commitments would never clash. I was wrong. 3:00-6:30, I won’t even get to see [Read more]

Traversing the great divide

When I was about ten, we moved back to Queensland. I had been born there but then spent a few years in the footy heaven that is Victoria. I was footy nuts. We knew a little bit about rugby league: that they threw the ball and that there was mad tackling. Once or twice we [Read more]

An Alternative Mid-Season Draft

By Jason Feldman Continuing the AFL’s bold recruitment of Issy Falou and Karmichael Hunt the existing 16 clubs staged a cross-code draft at Etihad Stadium today. The results are suprising.. Richmond – Sharelle McMahon, will provide assistance up forward to Jack Reiwoldt. Besides she’s harder at the ball than Jordan McMahon who will be traded [Read more]

Link: Cricket in the USA

What would be more fun than playing a game of cricket in Central Park? With a growing Indian expatriate community in the USA, there are attempts to revive the great colonial game. A cricket ground has even been built in Florida. The Guardian’s Spin blog casts an eye over developments.


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Akka is doing his best to rip apart the fabric of Whitten Oval.  Teddy certainly would have stuck it up him by now – in the nicest possible way of course. Boss Voss has had a few words to say about Big [Read more]

2010 FIFA World Cup Preview: Part 3 of 8

By Domenic Favata GROUP C England: Warmly backed to have a real crack at this year’s title. Coach Fabio Capello expects big things from his side that boasts the names Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard and so on. There attacking style will see them progress onto the round of 16 and could do some damage there. They [Read more]

Can he make the step?

It’s been a contrasting week for Israel. One has had a shocker while the other has landed a nice earner with GWS. I leave debate about the former as one should never talk about politics and sport in the same thread, FINA and IOC corruption withstanding. Instead, I invite discussion on the latter as the [Read more]

Crows needed Cuba for extra bite

Cuba runs the gamut of emotions at Trevor Barker Oval. How’s that old showbiz chestnut go? …“never work with children or animals?” Trevor Barker Beach Road Oval on Saturday proved an unlikely venue for such a cliche’. Yes indeed, standby for another patented VFL introduction “tangent” …the first leg of another footballing daily double – two matches in [Read more]

Tennis: The more things change…

by Andrew Gigacz It’s just over four months since Sam Stosur bowed out of the Australian Open. You might remember Stosur’s brave but ultimately unsuccessful effort against Serena Williams. But you could hardly be blamed for not being able to recall it. Why? Because as that exciting match was unfolding, the Seven Network, in their [Read more]

Fickle Fev Fires Up in Fourth Quarter Surge

By Steve Healy The Lions are in danger. After five losses in a row following a 4-0 start, Brown and Fevola have supposedly playing injured and they have arguably lost their three best defenders in Merrett, Drummond and Adcock in the blink of an eye to bad injuries. This puts enormous pressure on blokes like [Read more]

Local Footy: Yellow and black!

The Richmond Central Amateur Football Club plays in Richmond guernseys in the Amateurs’ Division 4, which Amateurs people might recognise as G-grade in the old language. Their ground is the Loughnan Oval at the Kevin Bartlett Reserve (unofficially Comb-Over Park), which is tucked into a bend of the Yarra River. The view from the new [Read more]

Blues Midfield as Hot as the Mexican food

By Steve Healy It was another quiet Sunday afternoon at home. Carlton, coming into the game four players out injured, and coming off a bad loss, gave the Eagles a sneaky chance coming into this match under a closed roof at Etihad. After I heated up some left over Mexican food (delicious stuff) I settled [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats Round 10: Saints in 47th heaven

Stats Entertainment Round 10 By Andrew Gigacz 47TH HEAVEN FOR THE SAINTS St Kilda cemented their reputation as the 47-point specialists with their win over Adelaide on Saturday night. Since 2004, there have been 11 games that have had a final margin of 47 points. Four of those have involved the Saints and they’ve won [Read more]

Local Footy: Mourners flock to Beechworth to see off country sporting legend

Terry Bartel had several nicknames. In his home town, Beechworth, he was known as Ferret because he was small and lively and because he loved to send ferrets down burrows after rabbits. In Wangaratta, where he roved to Mick Nolan in premiership teams with Wangaratta Rovers, he was known as Gipsy because of his penchant [Read more]

Ken Piesse: Favourite Son’s of the Bush- MORNINGTON PENINSULA

The legend of spring-heeled goalkicking great John Coleman from sleepy country village Hastings is part of Mornington Peninsula sporting folk-lore. Coleman was one of the most sensational players of his, or any era, and along with Collingwood’s Gordon Coventry, the only forward to head the VFL goalkicking four or more times.

2010 FIFA World Cup Preview: Part 2 of 8

By Domenic Favata GROUP B: Argentina: The feisty South Americans hail the world’s best ever player and the current best player. I’m talking about Coach Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Maradona has had a controversial build up to the World Cup, facing fines, suspensions and hefty flack from the South American media. If they can [Read more]