Growing another leg

Uncharacteristically, the Almanac racing preview threw up a winner on Saturday… “I’ll just be taking a little Quadrella at Flemington, coming home with Mt Gambier’s  9 y.o. evergreen, Riceman. His Slow form is only “middling”, but he’s won 6 on the Heavy and, in his backyard, they know what a real gluepot is!” Riceman, formerly [Read more]

The AFL Wants YOU!

With the AFL conquering new territories like the Romans of yore, changes are afoot to the shape of our season. However in an outstanding example of stakeholder management, we the fans are being given the chance to put forward our opinions as to how we would like to see the season shaped. lists the [Read more]

Demons sing the Adelaide blues

We  beat  Adelaide  in  Round  3  at  the  MCG.  But  I  still  don’t  forgive  them  for  what  they  did  to  us  in  the  NAB  challenge  match  at  Hamra  Holmes  Oval.  It  was  a  tight  game  in  which  the  Dees  lost  in  the  final  seconds  due  to  a  Kurt  Tippett  goal,  who  kicked  five  for  the  [Read more]

The View From Shepparton- Round 13

How I hate split rounds, there is no cadence, no rhythm to life. 8 matches, a million days between the first and last game of the round. I can’t even remember half the time what happened 5 minutes ago let alone what may have transpired over the last fortnight or so. Besides, my game preparation [Read more]

For Fremantle, it never rains, but it pours.

By Josh Barnstable There’s never a dull moment when these two sides play. 2005, we saw the ‘Whispers In The Sky’ incident, where an umpire was allegedly heard saying “Now I know what it feels like to have a win” on the way back to Melbourne from Perth after Fremantle’s five point win after Justin [Read more]

A day at Woodfull-Miller

The Dons are having a week off, so what better to do than go to one of the prettiest grounds in Melbourne, the home of MHSOB.   High on Forest Hill stands the imposing castle like building of the school overlooking the football oval, The football ground  is called the Woodfull-Miller Oval, named after two exceptional [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 13 cont.

ROUND 13 (continued) Hawthorn versus Essendon June 18th., M.C.G. The week disappears faster than the smile on Mrs Averling’s face when I tell her she can’t have the swimming pool hotter than 34 degrees.  I keep the lid on my immediate thought, which is, then go and have a bath, darling. At Wednesday’s morning tea [Read more]

Bloody noses for Swans and me

On the 20th of June 2009, I was in the middle of the Shepparton East ground late in the day, running water in a high-scoring match between Waaia and Shepp East in the seniors. The heavens had opened, and the rain was pelting down. I loved it though. Waaia sadly lost by seven goals in [Read more]

A romantic Black and White win in Sydney

I normally watch ‘Before the Game’ every week, but I never thought I’d run into a panel member. On my way out from the last Almanac Lunch I was walking out through the main bar where I spotted Mick Malloy. At first I was a bit confused, I thought I had was mistaken, but when [Read more]

Slippery Saints Subdue Cranky Cats

In some ways this was going to be a Grand Final replay; just some. Certainly, a lot of the usual suspects were there; but a lot weren’t. It was wet just like last Grand Final day; but the lights were on, and it was Friday. Most importantly, it was Round 13, not Grand Final day. [Read more]

A Game of Two Halves, Both of Them Dour

Footy is more a game of four quarters than it is a game of two halves. But tonight, it was much a game of two halves, keeping in theme with the World Cup that is currently taking place. In the wet, dour struggle that was tonight’s game, Geelong owned the first half while a spirited [Read more]

Crio’s Racing- Flemington 26-6-10

Here’s the first certainty of the weekend, though I doubt you’d get set. Today’s “current bun” rates the Flemington track (Rail Out 12m) as a SLOW6. We’ve had a stack of rain here this afternoon and, to be honest, I’d say they are more likely to be called off than rated slow. Mick Goodie’s had [Read more]

Wimbledon 2010 Forum

70-68. That’s a basketball score right? Or a Saints v Sydney game? Vital statistics Match duration: 11 hours, five minutes Fifth set duration: Eight hours, 11 minutes Total number of games: 183 Fifth set number of games: 138 Total number of points: 980 Isner aces: 112 Mahut aces: 103 Combined aces: 215 Isner winners: 246 [Read more]

Community Cup 2010

In the tradition of last year’s ring-in appearance by Rupert Betheras, this year’s captain of the Rockdogs will be none other than Dan Sultan, star of screen and microphone. For more information on the Community Cup, including details of how to get there,  follow the link below:

Eight Years of Footy at the Sydney Olympic Stadium

Throughout its 11 years of existence, the Sydney Olympic Stadium located in the western Sydney suburb of Homebush, has served as the backdrop to many of Australian’s finest and memorable sporting moments of the 21st Century. Many would argue that this venue has captured the hearts and minds of the Australian public and has conveyed [Read more]


Well, I’d been looking forward all week to my Saturday night. Yes, according to my friends and colleagues I live a fairly staid lifestyle but in my little world – a winter’s night in on the couch watching my AFL team followed by the national soccer team at the World Cup IS an enjoyable evening. [Read more]

Daughters of the West

Wow Who would have thought that Australia’s predictable elimination from the WC would cost the PM his job. We certainly take our sport seriously down here. Good news for the Doggies however as they now have another forward option with Julia freeing up Bazza to run further up the ground with the new PM in [Read more]

Cleaning out the augean stables

A couple of weeks ago I published this article: As the results of last week’s Morgan poll regarding preferred Labor leader showed, Julia Gillard is right on Kevin Rudd’s hammer. When asked by some wag if she would be seeking the captaincy, Gillard postulated the chances of that happening were as likely as her playing [Read more]


Watching little of the World Cup ( it’s on at work so it hard to avoid ) has got me thinking about how a few changes would enhance the spectacle, not only of soccer, but many other sports as well. So I’ve put a couple of ideas down for your degustation outlining what I feel [Read more]

The Albatross Rules – Chapter 16: Running Hot

by Richard Holt Before the bye Con had called the boys together to talk about the team’s progress. Three wins from six games and an ordinary percentage suggested they were nowhere near where they wanted to be. On the positive side they’d played strongly in recent weeks with close losses to both last year’s finalists. [Read more]