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WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Hawks and The Saints split the difference in an absolute thriller on Friday Night.  Collingwood & The Pussies improved their percentage at the expense of the respective Jungle Cats they were drawn to play.  Carlton & Essendon both broke losing runs against [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The flags are ¼ mast along La Via Lygon as the paperboys herald the news – The Shinboners are BIT.  The Hawks also, as they play their first real game of Football for the season against The Hapless Chardonnays.  The Power came out [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Akka is doing his best to rip apart the fabric of Whitten Oval.  Teddy certainly would have stuck it up him by now – in the nicest possible way of course. Boss Voss has had a few words to say about Big [Read more]


In the 1949 interstate match between NSW and Victoria at the SCG nineteen year old East Sydney ruckman Jack Dean went up against veteran Victorian captain Jack Dyer at the opening bounce. “He sat me on my arse!” Jack told me over a few beers. We were at Harry McAsey’s pub in Alexandra after a [Read more]

World Cup, Schmorld Cup

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the chances of Australia hosting the World Cup sit somewhere between Buckley’s and none. It is bad enough that the Federal Govt has ploughed $54 million into the bid without the utterly scandalous decision to spend billions of dollars on a series of rectangular white [Read more]

When the world went slightly wacko for a little minute

Reported in the Argus, Saturday 13 May 1933 FOOTBALL COALITION. ASSOCIATION’S POSITION. ‘Might Adopt Soccer or Rugby.” A possibility that the Victorian Football Association might abandon the Australian game and take up soccer or Rugby unless it can make satisfactory arrangements with the Victorian Football League for some form of amalgamation was discussed yesterday by [Read more]

The real founders of Aussie Rules?

By Tony Ward Tony is author of the recently published Sport in Australian National Identity: Kicking Goals (Routledge). Paperback ISBN 978-0415575553, published 31 March 2010 in UK – copies available: £26.99 plus shipping, from $50 including shipping, from There’s been a decent tussle over the last couple of years on who can claim [Read more]

Footy in South Africa

by Ian Syson I just found this piece in the Sydney Morning Herald from 1933. It’s both interesting and poignant I think. It tends to back up those who are skeptical about the possibility of footy taking root in South Africa — though I guess we live in very different times. The final point about [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 6

The View took his frame to the nearest Hardly Normal Store today , ostensibly to purchase a microwave but in fact to have a look at the new 3D behemoths. The salesperson reckoned the State Of Origin games are going to be telecast in that medium this year. The State Of Origin concept by the [Read more]

More than one punt in modern footy

I haven’t lived in Melbourne for a few years now, but still love getting back home and catching  the odd game.  Having spent years overseas watching football (soccer) and now living in a rugby state, I can still safely say that footy, the Australian variety, is clearly the greatest of them all.  But there is [Read more]

Chapter 6: Round 1 v Dwights Mill

The Albatross Rules (a football chronicle) It’s been a long pre-season. After the recruiting dramas and the dramas of last week’s family day finally it’s time for the season opener. Will this be the beginning of the Albertville Football Club’s resurrection, or the first game of their last season as a stand-alone club? 6. Round [Read more]

Numbers don’t add up for the Tiges

The pub was about 1km outside the ACT border as the crow flies. Which they hadn’t done earlier in the day, as their more aquatically-inclined cousins reigned supreme at AAMI Stadium. Back in my home state, the man-made birds at Essendon had also fallen. Two other “flying” mascots of the AFL were both represented in [Read more]

Doggies can deservedly dare to dream

by John Harms 2010.3.15 It’s Sunday night. Kids are asleep. I’m doing a bit of financial planning. I’m sitting here sitting here with a glass of red, one eye on the Premier League Darts, and the other on the Betfair AFL premiership market. The Western Bulldogs have been backed from $6.40 before the NAB Cup [Read more]

World Footy: Desert derby is a pointer to Middle East Grand Final

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi now virtually owns Dubai Inc. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is now named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi. However, the one piece of reality that Abu Dhabi does not own is the Middle East AFL crown. Competition leaders Dubai Heat are still unbeaten after two seasons of [Read more]

Film: Australian rules? Not at the flicks, it doesn’t

By John Butler The recent experience of watching Springboks and All Blacks do battle in a Hollywood film has prompted some general reflections on how differing cinematic cultures approach sport. More particularly, it has  given me cause to consider how sport has (or hasn’t) been treated in Australian cinema. Hollywood has long been the world’s [Read more]

World Footy: A global round-up of premiers

By Brett Northey from As the new year begins we present below the club premiers and provincial champions from across the world of Australian football for 2009. This is the fourth year in a row at that we’ve compiled the list. It was a year that once again saw powerhouse clubs dominate some [Read more]

World Footy: Dubai Heat the hot tip in Middle East AFL

By Sheikh Mohammed bin Rocket Reigning Middle East AFL premier the Dubai Heat, fresh from their triumph at the Asian Club Championship in Kuala Lumpur in early September, again look the team to beat when the competition gets underway this weekend. The Heat will be at home to the Doha Kangaroos, who have had forty [Read more]

AFL Finals–Week 1: Lions overrun Blues on a memorable, multi-code night in Brisbane

Converting the locals one win at a time.

General Footy Writing: The Sydney footy club has a much longer history than you might think

When did the Sydney Football Club play its first game? a)      1877 b)      1881 c)       1903 d)      1983 If you answered b) you were correct. The first recorded game of Australian football was played in Sydney in 1877 when Carlton visited to play the Waratahs Rugby Club in both rugby and “Victorian Rules”.  The Sydney [Read more]

General Footy Writing: It would gladden my heart to see an AFL club in western Sydney

I am a major advocate for an AFL team in western Sydney. I believe that it will ultimately be very successful – but it will take a long time and a concerted effort by the AFL and its fellow travellers to make it work. I’ve been involved in the promotion and development of football in [Read more]