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Round 14 Review: Pavlich the great… but Iceland might steal the show by Fearless

Fearless acknowledges the efforts of Pavlich and is inspired by Iceland – 2 Brexits in one week.

Round 13 Review: Bye Rd #1 – Friday Night Fight Night…A return to the 70s…by Fearless

Friday night brought us back to the 70s and those that tipped against GWS were in Fantasialand, read more gems in Fearless; Round 13 review

Round 12 Review: Seriously devaluing the worth and market value of Friday night footy by Fearless

Hawks on a Friday night, Kangas get front row seats to the Dangerfield show and the Sin City Stoush are all in Fearless’ round 12 review.

Round 10 Review: Salute to Sir Doug Nicholls, Pastor, Legend…AFL Indigenous Round by Fearless

Fearless believes Carlton has something special in the water to get Kreuzer and Casboult up in his review of the Sir Doug Nicholls round.

Fearless 2016 Round 9 – We’re all with the man they call Roughy. Cancer seems still so random…

Starting with a tribute to Roughy, Round 9 ends with a Fearless review of proceedings.

Fearless Round 8 Review – Bucks, Ross and Dimma sing Spandau Ballet

Fearless wraps up the news of AFL Round 8.

Fearless Round 7 – Mother’s Day preceded by a Super Six Games on Saturday. Good Thinking!

Fearless reviews Round 7 with Super Six Games on Saturday preceding Mother’s Day Sunday.

Fearless Round 6 – The two strugglers of the VFL sit 1 & 2 in the AFL. Now for match of round!

Fearless reviews Round 6 and finds the two strugglers fighting for top of the ladder clash in front of a bumper crowd

Round 4 – Fearless Review: Stop the coward punch! How many people have to be hurt or die?

Fearless reviews Round 4.

Round 1 – Fearless’s Review

Fearless opens his 2016 account with an overview of Round 1.

Fearless 2015; Finals Weeks 1 & 2: Sam, Snezana & Lana – it’s all too much!

Fearless reckons Brad Scott got it right in Round 23 (“Regardless of how the Roos go against the Eagles, Scott’s policy has been proven to be smart”). And he sums up AFL Finals Weeks 1 and 2.

Fearless 2015 Round 23: Happy Father’s Day to all the dads/grandads near and far.

Fearless is excited. Who do you like for the Finals? What did you like about Round 23? It’s a great time of year.

Round 22 – Fearless: Welcome back Daniel Menzel after 1480 days in rehab!

After an eternity holding up the WAFL ladder, Fearless wonders how the people at Peel Thunder would be feeling about Ross Lyon raiding their playing ranks on the eve of their first finals campaign.

Round 21– Fearless 2015: Zac Dawson/Beaker (The Muppets) Separated at Birth –LOL!

Fearless wraps up Round 21 and throws his 2 cents into the Hodge/Wingard pot. Are slow motion replays helpful?

Round 20 – Fearless 2015: Michael Jamison fresh airs Mitch Robinson… A bit sooky lala

Lots of fallout from round 20. From the Friday night lights of the SCG to another classic Derby out west, this is how Fearless saw round 20.

Round 19 – Fearless: Multicultural Round… just don’t mention the cricket

Fearless looks back on an intriguing multicultural round. The Doggies are playing a beautiful brand of football, but only 20,000 fans show up at the Docklands. Are the Cats back? Where is the Crows season at? And what do (or should) Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black have to do with the Q Clash?

Round 18 – Fearless 2015: Tigers prove to be the real deal…at least for now, and a salute to Patch Adams

Another sportsperson pulls the pin on his career after a series of concussions. Fearless pays tribute to North Melbourne’s Leigh Adams as part of his AFL round 18 wrap-up.

Round 17 – Fearless: Hawthorn v daylight at present… do we have a challenger?

Lest we forget what actually happened on the field in round 17, Fearless summarises the past weekend’s footy.

Round 16 – Fearless: Let’s face it: ANZ Stadium is nothing but a bad joke (and kudos to Brent Harvey).

Fearless by name, Fearless by nature, our man gives Homebush a nice old whack and pays tribute to Brent Harvey on a well-deserved milestone

Round 15 – Fearless 2015: For the Crows, a brave return to the field of dreams.

A big week in footy – as always – with the highlight for many the recognition shown to the gallant Adelaide players as they left Domain Stadium after the loss to the Eagles. Fearless also reckons it’s about time for more blockbuster footy in Tasmania.