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Racing: Typhoon Tracy the pick on a day of little depth

Amongst a congested sporting landscape, the once prestigious Futurity Stakes meeting at Caulfield is in danger of being overlooked by sportslovers and punters, many of whom are already casting their wayward staking towards footy betting, which on the NAB Cup is foolhardy. Friday night’s meeting at the Valley is actually very good but it will [Read more]

Cricket: The Summer of Cricket. Or was it the Season of Watto?

By John Butler Whilst lowering the curtain on the slow death that was the Hobart Test, Exalted Supremo of the Almanac, Paul Daffey, declared it had been a strange summer. Amen to that! The date was 18 January. It seems a very long time ago. As the Australian team returned from an ill-fated Ashes campaign, [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: Go you Roo boys!

by Josh Barnstable What a great way to start the NAB Cup for North Melbourne with a first round match against Geelong, just terrific, thanks a lot AFL. Despite the fact that I knew we would get absolutely flogged, Dad and I planned to go to the game, and soon enough we had all planned [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: New generation of Swans stands tall

Ever since reading the NAB Cup fixture in the library at school, one game stood out in the second week of the first round. Sydney and Carlton from Blacktown Olympic Park. Time has flown, and finally the day has come. After a bad loss at tennis, I look forward to resting up my muscles before [Read more]

Life: What’s in a name?

After reading my copy of The Footy Almanac 2009, I was inspired and thought this could be my perfect opportunity to follow my dream to become a sports journalist. So I decided to sign up to this wonderful website and try and contribute something to this awesome collection. My dream of being a sports journalist [Read more]

Film: Australian rules? Not at the flicks, it doesn’t

By John Butler The recent experience of watching Springboks and All Blacks do battle in a Hollywood film has prompted some general reflections on how differing cinematic cultures approach sport. More particularly, it has  given me cause to consider how sport has (or hasn’t) been treated in Australian cinema. Hollywood has long been the world’s [Read more]

Film: An unreliable overview of sport on the screen

Seeing as I’ve been discussing the topic of sports films, I thought I might compile some personal favourites. I warn in advance, this list is highly subjective and far from comprehensive. I’ve included documentaries as well as cinematic features. So, in no particular order… Boxing As the most primal and basic of sporting conflicts, boxing [Read more]

Footy: My season exploring a wonderful tradition

By James Gilchrist At the start of Wednesday Warriors, the book I wrote about the footy tradition at St Patrick’s, Ballarat, Matt “Twiggy” James, stands suspended on top of a ten metre pole, contemplating the “Leap of Faith”, part of a team building exercise with the St Pat’s First XVIII in the chill winter months [Read more]

Footy: The 4 Fs = fabulous February footy feeling

After a drab summer of sport/cricket , about as stimulating as reading your credit card bill post-Christmas,  you can almost feel the anticipation start to build.  The AFL season is upon us.  The evidence is aplenty…… The players involved in off-season scandals The players being  ‘fitter, stronger, bigger, better looking, more focused than ever’. The ex-players making [Read more]

Club Cricket: What’s that burning sensation?

Not over the Hill – Issue 2 By Andrew Gigacz When I made a decision to return to playing cricket after a gap of more than a dozen years (see Not over the Hill, Issue 1 – The Legend of Chicken Man), I was pretty confident that I’d be able to slip back into the [Read more]


Paul Daffey and John Harms are co-editors and co-publishers of The Footy Almanac. Here’s a selection of Paul’s recent articles. Cricket: Late debut proves memorable, 11 February 2010 Footy: Life and Times of the bush Bartel, 7 February 2010 Exhibition: A day at the footy starts at the gates, 5 February 2010 Film: Full points [Read more]

WANTED – the look of a future sports journalist

By Danielle Eid Firstly, a note to all adult and full licensed Almanackers- PLEASE DO NOT BEEP at Learner drivers! The BIG YELLOW L means that we are LEARNING and we don’t know what we are doing! I’m doing my Ls and have been driving to school and stuff with my instructor. On one occasion [Read more]

Footy: North’s best matches of recent years

By Josh Barnstable After reading a couple of stories on the Almanac about rivalry and how teams stack up against others in terms of a rivalry, I decided to dedicate this piece to some of the great games that North Melbourne have played against the other teams in the league over the past few years.

Cricket: Gayle receives ultimate gift after Canberra clinic

Chris Gayle issued an invitation to the kids of Canberra to turn up at Manuka Oval at 4pm on Wednesday for a hit and bowl ahead of the Prime Minister’s X1 match, which starts on Thursday. I happen to be in the area so I go along and have a look. Boys with monstrous cricket [Read more]

Footy: When Jeff joined in the chorus

By Josh Barnstable School athletics have always been fun to me, through primary school years and in high school. In primary school, you strive for that finish line, trying to win points for your house, while in high school, many kids, like myself, would rather go down the street to grab some fish and chips [Read more]

Link: Stand up and fight like hell!

Peter Flynn’s rollicking report on the Grand Final in The Footy Almanac 2009 (Go Travis!) concludes with the following memorable scene: On Sunday, I call in at The Lord of the Isles. Chappy signs the Courty ard Bar’s blackboard. I congratulate Chappy. He is humble, gracious and polite. Brilliant. The replay of the last quarter [Read more]

Sports Book Reviews

Welcome Almanackers to the Footy Almanac sports book review page. A love of sports literature is what the almanac is all about. Side-stepping the all too familiar news-focussed approach to sports writing, dominated by hardball gets and hard facts, the almanac yearns for the personal, the opinionated, the impressionistic and, yes goddamit, the literary too, [Read more]

Twenty-first Century Names

by Dave Nadel There’s no footy and the cricket is one sided and so lying on the beach I wrote the following piece of doggerel. I stress that it is doggerel, it doesn’t even scan. It should not be classed as poetry – there is a Magpie supporter who writes poetry for the almanac but [Read more]

Footy: Mum’s the word on these dream-team tips

So it’s that time of the year again. Well not quite, but you can now register for all sorts of AFL fantasy footy teams. Those fantastic games where you pick 18 players, they score points when they get a kick and then you get to beat other people. It’s your own little team! I usually [Read more]

Barney’s 2010 AFL Crystal Ball: West Coast and the Western Bulldogs

West Coast Eagles: Some teams are good, not great, but just good. Sometimes they are great and shoot to the top of the ladder and win the odd premiership, but then they lose some skill and drop down in the top 8. The Eagles used to be like this. 2002, they finished 8th. 2003, they [Read more]