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Art (pen and ink): Missed Game

Kate Birrell’s young man missed a cliffhanger with his mates because of a two degree morning. Sometimes you learn life’s lessons the hard way.

Red socks

Start a grey Monday morning with some colour thanks to our new contributing artist, Kate Birrell.

Brains versus Brawn: What Wins in Sport – an example from the Australian Open

What wins in the end, Power or Skill, Brains or Brawn? It’s the age-old question. JuneeJunction adds a perspective from the freezing tundra of Arctic Canada.

Test Cricketers with German Origins

Glen! has been looking into his family origins and came up with group of Test players with Germanic origins. (Is this our first ‘creative team’ of the year? Ed.)

The 2019-2020 Test Summer: Poor preparation leads to piss-poor performance

“These tales of visiting woe just serve to reinforce that the Australian test summer was really all about us. Which, if we’re being honest, is how we generally like it.” John Butler looks at the test summer that was.

Australia v New Zealand – Third Test: Day 2 at the SCG

Marnus Labuschagne scores his first double century but honours are about even on Day 2 of the Third Test Aust v NZ reports Liam Hauser.

Australia v New Zealand – Third Test: Day 1 at the SCG

Australian batsmen dominate once again as Liam Hauser reports on Day 1 of the Third Test, Australia v New Zealand at the SCG.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v New Zealand: Third Test Blog

Here’s an opportunity for you to share your observations and thoughts on play as the game unfolds through our Third Test blog. What catches your eye? Will we be bowled over by a NZ resurgence? Or will the Kiwis be stumped by the Aussies yet again? Tell us all about it.

Almanac Cricket – Abandoned: not as rare as you think

Abandoned or cancelled matches are rare but probably not as rare as you think. Glen! has had a look back over the years to remind us of matches that were not played or completed for one reason or another.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v New Zealand: the Third Test – a call for writers

The Third Test between Australia and New Zealand starts tomorrow at the SCG. We’re looking for aspiring cricket correspondents to provide us with daily coverage of the match. Here’s your opportunity to get your name up on the big Almanac screen!

Australia v New Zealand: Second Test blog

The Boxing Day Test is upon us. Discussion of pitch, bouncers, and weather predominates. But what do the followers of the Almanac make of affairs?

The Tigers Almanac 2019 Launch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel

Some fabulous photos of Almanackers at the launch of The Tigers Almanac 2019.

Australia v New Zealand: First Test, Day 4: All Over Red Rover

Citrus Bob wraps up his take on the First Test in Perth, with thoughts on the WACA and what to expect at the MCG for Boxing Day.

Australia v New Zealand – First Test, Day 3: The screws are tightened

Citrus Bob Utber braves the heat again in Perth as the Australian put themselves into a very strong position.

The Tigers Almanac 2019 – Extract: Pickett’s Pirouette

Here’s an extract from The Tigers Almanac 2019. It is rising star Jack Banister’s piece about Marlion Pickett. It is one of five forewords in the book – others are by Ben Northey, John ‘Mr Wrap’ Mosig, George Grossek and Matt Quartermaine. There are also numerous other features as well as all of the match reports.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v New Zealand: First Test – The Perth Blog

The First Test against New Zealand in Perth gets underway later today. Time for a new blog to allow you to keep us up to date with your take on the flow of the game.

So what’s in The Tigers Almanac 2019?

Here’s what’s in The Tigers Almanac 2019. (This post includes the Table of Contents) Order your copies now for delivery from Dec 12.

Almanac Cricket – A view of Australia from fine leg: Match 4 – Rupertswood Cricket Club

Craig Dodson’s cricketing odyssey reaches the birthplace of the Ashes.

Australia v Pakistan – Second Test, Day 3: The Winter Game

On a freezing day in Adelaide Citrus Bob Utber watches the Pakistani tail put up a real fight, before being asked to follow on.