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Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 5: The cream and the crock

E.Regnans analyses Australia’s cricket performance in the UAE using words and concepts not found in the Little Golden Books. That’ll go right over their heads then.

Calling all cricket thinkers: Second Test writers step up

E.Regnans has a call to arms for Australian cricket followers. Nominate to write a match report on one day’s play in the Second Test against Pakistan starting Thursday. Lou – are you up for it? Your Almanac need you.

First Test, Pakistan v Australia (Dubai) – Day 5: Adrift, disoriented

E.Regnans fifth day meditation on fortune, chance, patience, technique and all the other vagaries of Test Cricket in the desert.

AFL Round Trade – Citizens v Consumers: Dreams matter

E.Regnans was familiar with the commodification of football. But trade week has made him uncomfortable with the commodification of footballers. What price dreams?

A Grand Final scratch & sniff

E.regnans, a veteran of five Grand Finals (under 13s, under 17s, high school teams), brings us the essence of Grand Final anticipation.

Tasmanian State League: only the Grand Final remains

E.Regnans our man about (many a) town was in Hobart last week and updates us on an exciting and unpredictable finals series in the Tasmanian State League. How are Wynyard going in the North West, Phanto?

Almanacker in The Big Issue Fiction Issue

David Wilson (E.Regnans to you) has been chosen from 400 submissions to be one of 12 authors published in the Big Issue fiction edition. Do yourself (and the vendor) a favour and buy a copy, while its on sale to next Thursday.

How’s that equalisation working out for you?

E.Regnans charts the performance of clubs over the last 16 years to gauge the effectiveness of the AFL’s equalisation policy. There are a couple of outliers on the high side, and then there are the Tigers and Demons. Why is it so?

Remembering the role of top level sport

E.Regnans has come to the end of his European tour, and the experience makes him philosophical about the role of sport. Inspiration or just respite from greed and hatred?

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v Essendon: Suspending judgement (muddling along)

E.regnans takes in a Collingwood group effort while getting a perspective workout. Life is hard. We’re all just muddling along.

Sydney Test – Day 3: Revelation begets revelation (the Piggieballah-Albion chronicle)

David Wilson (aka E.Regnans) has pensioned Clarrie off, but introduces Piggieballah in this metaphysical meditation on Australia’s Ashes success.

Melbourne Test – Day 3: el león y el bigote (the Lyon and the Moustache)

Our equine correspondent Clarrie Grimmett accompanies E.Regnans (aka David Wilson) at a day of fluctuating temperatures and fortunes at the MCG.

Perth Test – Day 1: A goodlookin batsman is like a goodlookin horse

The Almanac’s own Don Quixote (e.regnans aka David Wilson) and his faithful Rocinante (aka Clarrie Grimmett) journey through deserts, time and mind-bending heat to bring you this gripping saga of a gripping first day’s play at the WACA.

Adelaide Test – Form Guide and Selections

Invers writes for us from his Tahiti base, with a review of Gabba performances and the possible lineup for Adelaide. He is relying on us to keep Australia’s momentum going, and salvage his reputation. Nominations please.

Ashes Writers: Your Almanac Needs You

Invers writes for the Almanac, with a desperate plea for advice from the Almanac’s cricket experts over each day of the Ashes Test series. The Australian selectors have suggested a line-up, but all contributions are welcome. Let us know which day you want to kick Watto, or decry the modern game and how 20/20 has ruined everything. Original suggestions will also be published.

Group 1 Racing: Stakes day – Coming up Rosy & Grey

David Wilson has a virtual day at a virtual race meeting full of virtual people betting on virtual horses. He won a virtual couple of million on Boban, but you get the feeling that his heart was just not in it.

AFL Round 10 – Collingwood v Brisbane: Dr Seuss and the big storm

There was a game on Friday night but David Wilson (aka e.regnans) had bigger fish to fry: A thought-provoking week; a brilliant community book launch; a crackerjack storm. Dr Seuss was right.