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Saints see off the Tigers in Simmonds’ final hurrah

By Steve Healy Troy Simmonds played his first match back in Round 4, 1999 against Carlton at Princes Park, wearing the red and blue and in number 46. He had four kicks in his first outing of what would be a career of highs and lows and many a criticism. Fast forward 4,031 days and [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Akka is doing his best to rip apart the fabric of Whitten Oval.  Teddy certainly would have stuck it up him by now – in the nicest possible way of course. Boss Voss has had a few words to say about Big [Read more]

Camels on the beach, at sunset, in Broome.

Tis’ an iconic Australian visual image that has me proclaiming every off-season: “yep, Subi trip this year, via the Cape, make a week of it”.  It never eventuates.  And yes I’m pretty sure Broome is not located on or ever referred to as “the Cape”, but still, it sounds an attractive description for such an [Read more]

Two out of three ain’t bad

As the big bloke with the hankie once said, “two out three ain’t bad”. Three weeks ago, Carlton were staring at a 5 and 2 loss/win ration. Finals would have been the stuff of JRR Tolkien. However, after terrific victories over the last year’s grand finalists, the ledger is now 4/3 and September action looks [Read more]


Each week prominent football author and commentator Ken Piesse will feature 10 of his personal favorites from the major country Leagues. Buffalo Creek has surely not had a more famous drifter. The tiny Myrtleford township was home for Gary Ablett snr. during his devastating six month assault on Ovens and Murray football, the launching pad [Read more]

A week is a long time for the Saints.

I have a confession to make. I’m an addict. A Supercoach addict. It didn’t take me long to be swayed by the internet phenomenon, and with the season beginning in Supercoach, I’m getting quite competitive with my team. But every week, one decision needs to be made. A very hard decision. Who will I make [Read more]

Hawthorn v Geelong: just another classic in the rivalry

My memories of Geelong/Hawthorn games stretches as far back to about 1995, when I was five, and the Cats (I think) beat Hawks at Kardinia Park/Baytec/Shell Stadium. We were in the box and Dad (a Hawks man) got very drunk and disgraced himself all the way home; fast forward to the 2008 grand final and [Read more]


Round 1: Sydney v St Kilda Cheyenne spent summer by the sea, determined to read the winds until he received a Season 2010 Sainter vision. Finally, Ross Lyon appeared, hovering above Cheyenne’s tepee. He was sitting in a small canoe, continually bailing out water, a huge smile on his face. Most would have considered his [Read more]

The Welcome Back Wrap

For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower What an off-season it’s been in Footy Eddie. Lots of juicy stuff for the Yellow Press.  The real season can’t come quick enough for True Lovers of THE GAME. The Wrap end of September ladder is the traditional feature of this 1st issue after the withdrawal of the Long Dark [Read more]

You can never go back: Football returns to Princes Park

by John Butler It seemed like a good time to revisit the old girl. Admittedly, a stinking hot February afternoon doesn’t exactly scream footy, and it was only another edition of the pre-season Hit and Giggle Cup (sorry, Challenge), but you never know when opportunity will next present. Besides, whispers had it that a certain [Read more]

Cricket: Late debut proves memorable

By Paul Daffey When George Georgiou, president of East Coburg Cricket Club, asked me to play a game in the fourths I was chuffed. I’d never played a game of senior competitive cricket. My one game of junior cricket was as a 16-year-old fill-in with St Bernard’s at the Overland Reserve in East Keilor, where [Read more]

Third Test, Day 1: Gabba grass memories – cheery; WACA prospects – dreary.

I was reminded by the WACA test today, and I’m not sure why, of December 1979 when the West Indies came to the Darling Downs, to Gold Park, in Toowoomba. I had played quite a few Colts games there. The Windies side included Cuthbert Gordon Greenidge and Desi Haynes, IVA himself, and both Murrays, DA [Read more]

These sides ain’t half bad!

by Josh Barnstable After asking my Mum if there was such thing as a ‘half-decade’, she said she had not heard of such thing, unlike the popular saying of half century. But, I’m going to make half-decade a proper saying in this report, a report of the Team of the Half-Decade for each team. So [Read more]

AFL club awards: All the best-and-fairest top tens

Adelaide (Malcolm Blight Medal) 43 Bernie Vince 41 Jason Porplyzia 39 Simon Goodwin 38 Michael Doughty 38 Graham Johncock 38 Kurt Tippett 36 Scott Thompson 30 Tyson Edwards 30 Andrew McLeod 29 Chris Knights Brisbane (Merrett-Murray Medal) 57.5 Jonathan Brown 56.5 Simon Black 54 Mitch Clak 51.5 Luke Power 45 Justin Sherman 41.5 Daniel Rich [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Gownlow count goes down a treat

THE PRE WRAP – THE LAST SATURDAY IN SEPTEMBER Where Life Imitates Sport What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie. The Gownlow was a raging success and the running scoreboard kept everyone in the picture.  At last we were saved the quivering of Football’s most famous bottom lip and didn’t Lauren look an absolute [Read more]

The Wrap: Now for the big one

THE WRAP Where Life Imitates Sport What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie. The Feeling Faints toughed out an absolute thriller as The Dogs get boned once again at the last hurdle.  The Saturday night event was a fizzer, with Carringbush doing most of the fizzing. Forget Derby Day and Cup Week.  Don’t you [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Backhanders still fly after all these years

What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  And let’s nail this tanking issue once and for all.  We’ve had the archival staff going through the Rules & Amendments as far back as 1857 and can find nothing that says you’re not allowed to cheat.  Get caught and you’re in trouble.  Ask them around at [Read more]

Round 14: John Mosig’s Footy Wrap

THE PRE WRAP – ROUND XIV THE LADDER ST KILDA                 14        0          170.44             56 GEELONG 13        1          145.04             52 FOOTSCRAY          10        4          130.37             40 CARRINGBUSH     9          5          118.39             36 ADELAIDE 9          5          102.90             36 BRISBANE 8          6          105.10             32 CARTOON               7          7          107.85             26 THE BOMBERS      7          7          101.36             24 ——————————————————————- THE POWER                        [Read more]

General Footy Writing: 2008 draft to be considered among the best

I think in a few years time, we’ll be talking about the 2008 national draft as a draft to match the super-draft of 2001 which saw Chris Judd, Luke Ball and Luke Hodge start their careers. The 2008 top-10 saw the likes of Daniel Rich, Jack Watts, Jack Ziebell, Nick Naitanui and Stephen Hill taken [Read more]

In the Sheds: Buckling up for a game of footy

By Paul Daffey THE Victorian Amateur Football Association is a Melbourne-wide competition, so clubs accept that occasionally they have to travel across town. Not so long ago that meant that clubs based around the VAFA heartland of the inner eastern suburbs had to cross the river (shudder) to play St Bernard’s at West Essendon or [Read more]