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2013 – A Season in Song – Round 3: Quantity and Quality

Swish Schwerdt continues the account of his season as a song-writer.

When the sun sets over Carlton: Moments in Melbourne

Mickey Randall’s Tales of the City. Tales of a winter Melbourne adventure of people, books, music, people, wine, footy, food and people.

#almanac280 writing competition ends – “Finals”

The #almanac280 winner is announced! Well, winners actually. Thanks for your fantastic response to the competition. Terrific reading all round.

The Old Footy Record: What do you know about this match?

This must have been some match! These images of an old footy record have prompted many questions about this game. If you can provide further information about the match to The Footy Almanac it will be greatly appreciated.

Knowing your drop kick from your screw punt: Wally Miller’s ‘Coaching the art of kicking’

South Australia’s quintessential 1963 kicking manual has been unearthed. What secrets does it hold?

Bob Hawke, Brutalism and Banana Bread: Melbourne Trip 2019

Almanac lunches, Barrie Cassidy, the MCG and a selection of notable pubs: Mickey Randall and company take in the full Melbourne cultural experience, with nods to the departed Bob Hawke, and philosophical consideration of the nature of banana bread.

Why I Hate Victorians

Peter Baulderstone takes aim at all things Victorian from his mineshaft in Western Australia. Is he serious? Is he right? He’s certainly hostile.

SA football royalty – the James family (Part 1)

Rulebook covers the mighty achievements of SA’s footballing James family. In this first installment, he looks at the stellar careers of Brett and Paul James.

Register of photographic images of ABC Cricket Book scorecards (and covers).

We know there must be handwritten scorecards out there. Take a photo of a scorecard from your old ABC Cricket Book and send it to us.

Almanac Grand Final Lunch: Pics, brief report and thank yous.

The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch has become an institution. Great to see everyone – from around Australia and a few from overseas. Thanks to Lyn Campbell-Anderson for the wonderful photos.

Almanac Season Review: Adelaide – Premiership schmemiership

Dave Brown refuses to get sucked into defining 2016 success by premierships – just as well, really.

1986 – A Year With The Blacks Finals Week 3: Open Up Those Kegs of Beer

Gordon Agars decided to follow the Adelaide Uni Blacks in 1986 thanks to his Sesquicentennial literary grant. It was Grand Final day for the A8 Glamour Side, the A9 Sty Council and the A3s. The Ones were in the Prelim. The long season is Bob Neily over.

Round 16 – Carlton v Adelaide: On Returning

The Philby is down from Sydney to watch his Navy Blues. A Fitzroy roof-top bar and city loop train were probably the highlights of this trip (along with SOSOS).

1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 8: I’ve Been to Berri Too

Gordon Agars wanted to find out what made Chocka Bloch tick in the lead up to Round 8, 1986. Rulebook had other ideas. If you don’t fight, you lose, as SA found against WA.

Round 4 – Adelaide v Sydney: Brown-Betts-Bulldogs Bonanza

Swish and Mrs Swish had a big day of Adelaide footy last week, Centrals, the Crows and briefly, Salisbury v Eastern Park. Includes a long lost Willy sighting.

E-newsletter: Hawthorn still undefeated in 2016

Today’s newsletter, with a note from John Harms, and a bit of a summary of the week. [Nice diversity and originality from Knackers, as always – Ed]

Today’s Footy Almanac e-newsletter: I want my Johnno

JTH wants his Johnno.

Round 20 – Essendon v Adelaide: A Bradman win at Etihad by the Crows

Blacks, Greys and the Bombers are blue. Rulebook covers the Crows’ biggest ever win in Melbourne and imparts a couple of blows to the AFL and everyone’s favourite coach while he’s at it.

The Bob Neil Almanac

We are seeking stories of Bob Neil, evidence of homage to him (via signs and other hagiographic material), photographs of Bob Neil iconography, and photos of sightings of the man himself.

We believe it is time for a Bob Neil Almanac.

The Knacker Flag 2014

Peter Baulderstone surveys the 2014 Knacker writing season. What team of writers came out on top for the (time honoured) Knacker Premiership flag? What does our writing say about our club? And how does our team shape our writing?