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Spectators: A Studio Exhibition.

One of The Almanac’s many artistic treasures – Kate Birrell – is set to unveil a new showing. Read more…

Guineas Day….. Again

Art and Words from Kate Birrell – say no more. Kate and her kids adopt a wiser approach to Guineas Day than the ‘other half’.

Almanac Book Cover 2014 Unveiled

Kate Birrell and Jim Pavlidis eat your heart out. [The work of P. Baulderstone, being amusing – JTH]

Carnival of Footy

Kate Birrell shares a luxuriant spread of food, art and junior footy lightning carnival. A gourmet spread with something for everyone – dieters best avoid. Check out the Almanac Art link and contact us if you would like a Kate painting gracing your walls.

Friday Night; Bright Lights

Parents huddle in their cars on a cold evening at junior footy training, hoping to avoid the dreaded Team Manager’s allocation of game day tasks. Kate Birrell’s glorious art and wistful words capture it all.

Recent Things

Are you sick at the thought of Hird (seen but not), Hockey (Joe not Kookaburras), bombs (Gaza not Gazza), rockets (non-mick) and surface to air missiles (other than Jake Carlisle)? Kate Birrell’s glorious art is some balm for your soul.

Go Nic, GO

Kate Birrell is a calm, caring parent. Until she goes to watch her daughter play basketball.

Glen Eira Artists Society Members Exhibition

Much-loved Yvette Wroby invites everyone to the Glen Eira Artists Society Exhibition (where Yvette’s works and Kate Birrell’s works will be on show).

Cold Morning; Best Seat

Kate Birrell braves the cold, Sunday morning, junior footy circuit (from the safety of her old car) and adds a brilliant sketch of the game for good measure.

Local Ground

Kate Birrell is part of a dob in the park which the kids turn into far more than kick to kick. And a red moon for the walk home. [What Haiku Bob would give for a red moon – Ed]

Long Weekend

Kate Birrell kicks back on the deck for a gloriously technicolour weekend of backyard cricket.

Scoring: A Parent’s Duty

Kate Birrell delights with another glorious watercolour sketch, and a story of learning to score her son’s junior cricket. Something to smile about on a Monday.

Kokky in the Back Yard

Another beauty from Kate Birrell. What’s better? The painting or the story? The story or the painting? You decide.

What do you want on your Toast?

A summer-time treat from the Almanac’s artist-in-residence Kate Birrell. A tasty treat. Pretty as a picture.

Cold Night

Another Kate Birrell gem captures a chill evening on the cricket field in watercolours and words. “Maaarvellous”.

The Carnival is Over

Can’t wait for your copy of the new Almanac book – just to get your hands on Kate Birrell’s glorious cover painting? Fear not, Kate has tided us over with her beautifully poetic vision of the needy, the greedy and the seedy on their way home from Flemington.

The Footy Almanac 2013 cover art

This year, The Footy Almanac cover has been painted by Melbourne artist (and Almanac contributor) Kate Birrell who has captured Luke Hodge and his driving left foot. Here’s a bit about Kate, and a bit from Kate, expressing her love of the everyday. (Kate’s original painting is up for auction – Ed)

Guineas Day; and a Pineapple for Dinner

The season has changed and a wet winter has become a windy spring. The stampede of galloping hooves pass unnoticed by the fielder at deep fine leg. It’s a good day for Kate Birrell as traces of Caulfield meet the peace of the local cricket.

Almanac Art (pen and ink): Free Footies

Kate Birrell takes 3 boys on a footy odyssey to Fed Square, where they learn the value of patience, honesty and the Fremantle team song. Will her sacrifice be rewarded with a Hawks victory tomorrow?

Almanac art (pen and ink): Lunchtime Footy

Kate Birrell’s young lad opened up about a game of lunchtime footy to his mum. It’s a story with a sad ending.