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Round 23 – Melbourne v GWS: The Dees and Gees at the ‘G

James Warden on the last Demons match before the Finals – weaving a smidge of history & culture with belief that perhaps *one* drought may soon be over.

Football: The space for public reason

‘Public reason, simply, is the common ground on which a positive society can be established…A space for public reason is formed when two individuals or groups with exclusive definitions of ‘truth’ can come together and legislate based on what is mutually reasonable.’ How Australian football, its flaws acknowledged, just might be able to inform our political process, a sorely flawed entity indeed. Lots of food for thought here.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: In The Back!

In The Back! Bring in some zones, and other unknowns, draw different lines on the ground let’s make the game more attractive, they claim by tearing the old structure down Rubbish I say, the game is ok, the rules are already in place since Tom Wills came to fame by inventing the game we’ve tried [Read more]

Martin Flanagan: In defence of grass roots footy

If you missed Martin Flanagan’s Norm Smith Oration toast, or would just like to revisit it, we now have vision to go with the words. Martin reminds those charged with looking after the administration (and commerce) of the game that they ignore grass roots football at their peril.

AFLW Winter Series – Footy’s Back!

Amid the cool of winter, Deb Waterhouse-Watson reconnected with her faves from the GWS Giants in the AFLW’s Winter Series.

Australian Rules Football: better than Vegemite?

We welcome debutant Andrew Kelso who asks whether ARF (Australian Rules Football – his term) is Australia’s greatest invention.

Round 11 – Sydney v Carlton: ‘Winning Ugly’ is fine, but percentage would be nice!

It was a cold night in Sydney Town but it didn’t stop Jan Courtin from venturing out.

Almanac (Tassie) footy – a speech by Martin Flanagan: More than a Name

We have followed the progress of the North Hobart FC and its name change over recent times. Well, there’s been a victory for the people and footy culture. North Hobart has its name back and to celebrate Martin Flanagan spoke at Saturday’s club lunch. This is the full text of his speech (after an edited version appeared in The Age).

Almanac Teams – Terrific Tens

A perfect 10 is hard to beat (unless you’re in Spinal Tap), so it goes without saying that Phil Dimitriadis’ team of 10s would give any side a run for their money

An open letter of humble thanks to Martin Flanagan

David Wilson has put into words the essence of what many of us are feeling with this letter of thanks to Martin Flanagan. No doubt we all have a Martin Flanagan story. No doubt we all feel a sense of gratitude, and loss.

A Festival of Football

Paul Spinks has a novel idea for football – all of football. This is an edited extract from his piece which will appear in Long Bombs to Snake 2 (which is almost ready for release – Ed]

Australia v Pakistan – MCG Test, Day 2: Azhar Ali and the endless fight

David Wilson was at MCG Day 2, prompted by his old imaginary horse, Clarrie Grimmett; a horse who rises only for a scrap…

Almanac Cricket: Russell Jackson’s profile of Sam Almaliki, protector of community cricket (from The Guardian)

Russell Jackson’s profile of Sam Almiliki, community engagement exec at Cricket Australia, is well worth a read. It first appeared in the Guardian where Russ is the sports editor.

The State of the Origins.

Have you ever questioned the origin of the AFL species? Clearly with too much time on his hands, San Diego Cattery researched each team’s origins with cultural and historical significance. [A great effort – Ed]

Finals Week 3 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: History

Kath Presdee and her son Liam attend a part of history, the Giants first Preliminary Final. They are orange. So orange.

Finals Week 3 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: Gutted

After watching a gripping contest steve duffy is gutted by the loss to the Dogs and unimpressed with the visiting fans. But, as he says, it’s been a wonderful season, and there’s always next year.

Almanac Soccer: Getting the Fans Offside

John Green is avoiding Richmond’s season in England observing the local Football, you will enjoy his post on an English League Cup fixture.

News from the Football Research Collective

The Football Research Collective deals in matters to do with scholarly, humanities-based, football research. Here is their latest irregular correspondence via Rob Hess.

A Fitzroy Life

John Harms loves living in The People’s Republic. Here he describes a thoroughly Fitzroy weekend which featured Geoff Blainey, a win to the Roys and a lightning carnival for the juniors.

The idea of resilience

David Wilson went to a talk recently, that has changed the way he thinks. Mental health is the big kahuna.