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Almanac Poetry: Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle

An Arnold Bocklin painting – and the progression of the clock – moved Kevin Densley to pen this succinct poem.

Almanac Music: A Band, Beer, and Pig on a Spit

Kevin Densley remembers back to the late 70s when his band ‘South Side’ played their one and only gig at a local footy club. ‘Honky Tonk Women’ was a highlight.

Almanac Poetry: Bushranger Harry Power

Kevin Densley shares the story of Harry Power in his poem this week, the ‘tutor’ of Ned Kelly.

Almanac Poetry: The Ballad of Alexander Pearce

Kevin Densley suggests you read his poem this week with “fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti” for reasons which will become obvious.

Almanac Poetry: Lal Lal, Victoria

This Kevin Densley poem is inspired by the Victorian country town of Lal Lal.

Almanac Music: Australia’s Best Song – another take

In response to Kevin Densley’s call to find Australia’s best song, KN Dole offers his suggestion for the best song for these Covid times.

Almanac Music: Australia’s Best Song? (Discuss)

Kevin Densley nominates his personal favourite Australian song. If ever there was an invitation for a discussion, this is it. What would you choose?

Almanac Poetry: ‘Handel’s Father was a Barber-surgeon’

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley looks at baroque music, Angus Young, AC/DC and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!

Almanac Music: Richard Clapton and I

Kevin Densley recalls the time his band supported Richard Clapton at The Waurn Ponds Hotel in 1980.

Almanac Poetry: Stringybark Creek

The mere mention of the words “Stringybark Creek” (site of the Kelly gang police murders) send a shudder right through Kevin Densley, illustrated by this week’s poem.

Almanac Poetry: Sundays in Geelong

In this prose poem, Kevin Densley remembers Sundays in Geelong.

Almanac Poetry: When Johnstone’s Circus Came to Town

Kevin Densley looks back and reflects upon a circus he went to as a kid. To say not everything went as smoothly as he thought it would is an understatement! (Note: he doesn’t use the real name of the circus concerned, which in any case he has forgotten!)

Almanac Conundrum: “Yeah-nah” – Discuss.

Like politicians, footballers have a way of getting around the question asked, and Kevin Densley is frustrated by it!

Almanac Memoir: Ouyen Harness Races, 1973

The smell of burning mallee roots is a fond memory for Kevin Densley of the Ouyen Harness Races many years ago.

Almanac Poetry: For Bad Behaviour

A short piece from Kevin Densley on an event crystalised into memory, both capital and corporal in nature.

Almanac Memoir – My Favourite Trophy

Many of us have memories of running our guts out in sporting carnivals while the wind whooshed all around and glory was on the line…here’s Kevin Densley’s recollection from 1973.

Almanac Poetry: Ned Kelly’s Last Hours

More Australian poetry of our historic past by Kevin Densley; this time Ned Kelly awaits the gallows.

Charlie and the Clothing Factory: Mr Clymo, Women’s Football and Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour

Kevin Densley reports on a record breaking historical football match played in Ballarat in 1918. The match between two women’s teams representing clothing firms from Ballarat and Melbourne attracted a crowd of 7000 in a fund raising football match for The Avenue of Honour in Ballarat.

Almanac Poetry: She Oaks, Victoria

A photo can take you back in time. Kevin Densley remembers.

Almanac (Pub) History: Some central Geelong Pubs and their changes

Kevin Densley continues his review of old, historical pubs in Geelong and the changes that have occurred to them over the years.