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Sabina Park Test – West Indies v Australia, Day 1: The continuing story of SPD Smith

A confused and doubtful E.regnans brings this story of Sabina Park Day 1, thanks to his ever-optimistic (and imaginary) horse called Clarrie Grimmett. Of course, yet again, the day belonged to Steve Smith.

Round 9 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: A pinch

What does Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist have to do win the Pies win over the Kangaroos? E.regnans explains how.

Fitzroy, Old Melburnians, Collingwood, Richmond: bandaids don’t fix bulletholes

E.regnans beautifully summarises and celebrates Old Fitzroy, new Fitzroy, old Melbourne and old money, alongside the new AFL match-day experience. Also: includes Taylor Swift reference and video (ping: The People’s Elbow)

Round 5 – Carlton v Collingwood: The past is a lie, memory has no return

It’s 2050. In a crumbling world, a wistful old man comforts his granddaughter with tales of the Collingwood rhythm section of Pendlebury and Swan. E.regnans – what is memory, anyway?

VAFA Premier B Round 2 – St Kevin’s Old Boys v Fitzroy: Rebel reconnaissance

E.regnans follows Fitzroy on their first away game of 2015. What happens if Fitzroy Football Club is included in a Star Wars screenplay? [Now with moving picture footage, Dan Sultan and Sandy Stone].

VWFL Premier Round 1 – Darebin v Diamond Creek: How’s that for first impressions?

A magnificent autumn Saturday and some VWFL action is too much for E.regnans to turn down. Darebin and Diamond Creek put on a show.

AFL Round 1 – Of carts and horses

E.regnans’ stream-of-consciousness response to the start of another AFL season. The Golden Goose that is the AFL and Howqua River.

2015 ICC World Cup Final: Call for Writers

The final of the ICC 2015 World Cup looms large. If the usual trans-Tasman rivalry wasn’t enough to heat this one up, there’s also four years (and countless Bledisloe Cup meets) worth of bragging rights at stake. In the words of Tom Greenaway; “New Zealand could be the holders of both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups simultaneously.” Share your words with us, all are welcome.

Season 2015 – Wanna Volunteer with the Almanac?

The Almanac wants you. Read on…

ICC World Cup 2015 – Ireland v West Indies: The arrival

E.Regnans relays the World Cup description from a Derry front bar as the Irish chase down a big target set by the Windies.

57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 4): it’s the fun, stupid

“It can’t be that simple, can it?” E.regnans on the one link that binds all sports across all countries across all the years. Sport reporting has never been so existential.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Playlist

E.regnans turns to music and video to describe Day 1, SCG, Scenes 1-5.

MCG Test, Australia v India: Call for cricket writers

Almanackers old and new are invited to submit their stories of the 2014 MCG Test. What did you notice? Where were you? Let us know your preferred day.

SPD Smith: shake it off

E.regnans spots similarities between the bearing of SPD Smith and that of Taylor Swift.

The Knacker Flag 2014

Peter Baulderstone surveys the 2014 Knacker writing season. What team of writers came out on top for the (time honoured) Knacker Premiership flag? What does our writing say about our club? And how does our team shape our writing?

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day One: Ride on

E.regnans is taken by Clarrie Grimmett to the ride. It is Test match morning in Adelaide and it is time to ride on. Ride on. “…and DA Warner is galloping now not under the swarming sky but amidst it and a part of it…”

Calling for contributions: Adelaide Test

And so Test cricket is set to commence. E.Regnans summons all Almanackers to do their duty for Phil and country, and nominate for reporting on a day’s play in Adelaide. Multiple nominations for each day welcomed – more viewpoints stimulate debate.

57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 1)

E.regnans has found a couple of sporting commentators to express our rage at the destruction of our “once great game” (pick one).

Yoshi’s Perception of Sport and Art

The Footy Almanac’s Northern Japan correspondant, Yoshi Imagawa, compares sport and art. A thought provoking piece from the Sapporo scribe.

Hird et al: some observations

James Hird is back in court again. E.Regnans reckons he’s a gift that keeps on giving (for QC’s and outraged writers).