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‘The man behind the story of the Saints’ 1970 glory……’ by KB Hill

KB Hill loves promoting anything positive about country sport, especially in Victoria’s north-east. Today he puts in a good word for David Johnston’s recently released book, ‘1970 – the Year of the Saints’.

‘The Nicolls of Whorouly……..’ by KB Hill

The Nicoll family and cricket in Whorouly are synonymous. KB Hill recounts the epic feats of the various members of this exceptionally talented family.

‘Old Pie treads down Memory Lane……’ by KB Hill

Trevor Steer’s football and cricket resume makes for some reading! A Collingwood Life Member, he could have been a dual premiership winner except for two agonising twists of fate. KB Hill recounts Trevor’s career in both Melbourne and the bush.

‘Hawks prevail in riveting encounter….’ by KB Hill

In the current desert of live sport, KB Hill brings us the tale of a recent cracking game of cricket in the WDCA where Finals spots were on the line.

‘Boy from Cheshunt who mastered the punt……’ by KB Hill

KB Hill changes focus to bring us a story from turf racing as he traces the career of Eric Connolly.

“….’Woosha’ Fights Back…” by KB Hill

Shane Welch had a promising cricket career ahead of him but opted for the country life, his family, a career and footy with the Wangaratta Rovers. KB Hill tells the story.

‘Billy…….You’re a Hero……’ by KB Hill

Jonny Hyde is an elder statesman in the Wangaratta District Cricket Association and still makes his mark. KB Hill brings us up to date with a recent performance by the veteran.

‘A Marathon Knock at the Top of the Order……’ by KB Hill

Greg Hoysted has made a long and distinguished contribution to country cricket across several decades. His story is captured here by Wangaratta’s leading sports historian, KB Hill.

‘Dual Gift Winner Relives The Dream……’ by KB Hill

Jason Boulton had a distinguished career as a professional runner. KB Hill tracked him down to get the whole story.

‘The Horseman……..’ by KB Hill

Peter McIntyre played in the Adelaide Crows’ very first match back in 1991. Footy and life have taken him in various directions ever since. KB Hill tells the tale of Peter’s perambulations.

‘Robbie Reminisces………’ by KB Hill

Rob Worthington has given a great deal to Victorian country cricket over the decades. KB Hill profiles another local legend.

‘Farewell to a Pair of Star Defenders…..’ by KB Hill

In another of his great stories about local sports identities, KB Hill traces the careers of Bernie Killeen and Bob Atkinson, both of whom sadly passed away in recent weeks.

A Lifetime Passion For Motor Sport – by KB Hill

It sounds as if Jeff Whitten has oil running through his veins! KB Hill traces the motor-racing adventures of the Whitten of Wangaratta.

‘Enigmatic Carey, a star of the Depression era…’ by KB Hill

Bert Carey was a mercurial sportsman from up Wangaratta way in the Depression era, performing extraordinary feats on the footy and cricket fields. KB Hill tells the tale.

‘Asho’s still ploughing out the runs……’ by KB Hill

Wayne Ashton was a run-scoring machine even as a young bloke and, over the years, amassed both runs and premierships in country Victoria. KB Hill tells the tale.

‘Danny recalls the night he clinched the belt….’ by KB Hill

KB Hill tells the tale of Danny Carey, a likeable larrikin of a lad whose many sporting talents weren’t always fulfilled. He was, however, the Heavyweight Champion of the Riverina at one stage.

‘I wonder whatever happened to……………’ by KB Hill

Two kids, born on the same day in the same hospital, schoolmates and footy team-mates later on, then their paths diverged. KB Hill reconnects with Bernie Brady more than half a century since they last crossed paths.

‘The trials and tribulations of a pro golfer…’ by KB Hill

‘This is the story of one of Wangaratta’s finest golfing exports,’ says KB Hill as he charts the career of Andrew Kelly.

‘Aussie ‘Import’ Shares In Long Ditton Glory…..’ by KB Hill

KB Hill shares with us the cricketing adventures of local stalwart Jacob ‘Schona’ Schonafinger who spent the off season teaching and playing cricket in the “Old Dart”.

‘The Grand Old Football Warrior……’ by KB Hill

James Edward Flynn was a triple premiership winning player for Carlton just over one hundred years ago. KB Hill tells Flynn’s story – as only KB can.