Round 3 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Two Tribes – Easter Monday With The Nevilles

On Easter Monday the footy tribes were out in force and provided a backdrop for Danny Russell and his musings on the match.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Magpie versus Crow’ – Tommy Mallet

A battle for territory between magpies and crow is the topic of Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Magpie versus Crow’.

Almanac Rugby League: The code evolves beyond the Super League in Europe

Rugby league is looking to expand its base in the UK and Europe. The latest development is the introduction of The Championship which kicked off over the Easter weekend.

Round 3 – Geelong v Hawthorn: From the Ponsford Stand.

Marcus Holt witnessed another thrilling Easter Monday game between the Cats and the Hawks, and the Cats did not let him down!

Almanac Poetry: Morrisons, Victoria

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is about Morrisons, a Victorian locality near the small town of Meredith. Some of KD’s relatives farmed there is the past.

Round 4 – AFL Footy Fixture: Who, when and where

Find out who, where and when your team is playing for Round 4.

At Easter-time Stawell Giveth and Stawell Taketh Away

After a year in the wilderness, the Gift has returned to Stawell. Hayley Orman and Ed Ware were the triumphant winning pair in 2021…but there are thousands of stories from the Gift.

We re-visit this classic Almanac yarn each Easter (for good reason):

Dips O’Donnell tells the story of his crack at Stawell and what the event and the weekend mean to the O’Donnell family.

Round 3 – West Coast v Port Adelaide: A Nic Nat tapping extravaganza

Nicholas Kossatch wasn’t sure of Port Adelaide’s ability to win the game against the Eagles from the get go, and Saturday’s result proved him right.

WAFL Round 1: All smiles and Sharks on top

We’re off and racing in the WAFL and there have been some cracking results, none moreso than South Fremantle’s solid win over West Perth. Les Everett has the details.

Almanac Footy: Five things that made the NTFL Grand Final great

Despite the overwhelming chorus of ‘Footy’s back!’ in recent weeks, footy has of course been back in several guises for many months. One league wrapped up with a thrilling Grand Final for the ages – the NTFL. Jackson Clark gave us five reasons why it was such an outstanding game.

Almanac Racing – The mathematics of dish-licker calling

According to Lee Harradine, the world of greyhound racing commentary is due an overhaul…You have 25 seconds to call a race. How wisely are those precious seconds used?

Round 3 – Essendon v St Kilda: Electrifying Essendon’s best win in years

Against the wall and against all odds, Caspar McLeod’s Bombers pulled a performance for the ages out against St Kilda.

Almanac Teams: Noteworthy Nines (1980- )

Rodney Boyd rounds the turn into double digits with his team of interesting players to sport the Number 9 guernsey since 1980.

Who’s the Furphy?

Old Dog looks at how stats are often a furphy, and don’t tell the real story, and takes up Brodie Grundy’s 64-4 win in the ruck on Thursday night to illustrate his point. [Fine analysis – Ed]

Round 3 – Richmond v Sydney: Bloody Amazing! We’ve just strangled Richmond!

Jan Courtin was not expecting her Swans to have a win against the Tigers but they did, and is she rapt!

Round 3 – Collingwood v Brisbane: Floreat Pica Society Match report

Peter Butler presents the Floreat Pica Society’s report of Collingwood’s heartbreaking loss to Brisbane.

Round 3 – Collingwood v Brisbane: A week like no other for the mighty Lions

A week is a long time in footy according to Sam Evans and for Brisbane FC that has certainly been so. The after the siren win eases the pain of the past week for Brisbane.

Almanac Rugby – Super Rugby AU Rd 7/ Aotearoa Rd 6

Is it too easy to make the finals? Is mediocrity being rewarded. Brian the Ruminator with his observations and thoughts on the round of Super Rugby.

Almanac Life: Another Good Friday in Glenelg

Mickey Randall takes a lazy Good Friday afternoon cruise around town to eventually reach the Broady for a couple of well-earned drinks.

FEARLESS 2021 – Round 2: Spud’s Game. It’s Time to Talk…a great idea. So let’s talk!

FEARLESS 2021 presents his thoughts about the outcomes of all the Round 2 matches.