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Dudley Street Doggies – Them’s The Breaks

A great start to your Thursday morning from Swish Schwerdt with Clem’s story. Down for the count after round six, a Doggies stalwart recovers in time to see his ‘Bullydogs’ launch a red-hot tilt at September success.

Round 20 – Essendon v Adelaide: Revenge, A Dish Best Served Very Cold

Revenge is most certainly a dish best served cold; even if that dish has been stewing (no pun intended) since the 1993 Preliminary Final. Swish Schwerdt and the Pie Girl watch Eddie Betts put on a clinic as Adelaide dismantle a hapless Essendon at the Docklands.

Rocky’s Ratpack 1982: The King Is Dead (Cancel That)

Swish Schwerdt unearths some pictorial Uni Blacks memories as he insitgates his own 1982 premiership reunion and shares the tale of Richard ‘King’ Karutz

2004 – The (Almost) All Australian SSA Team: Spurred on to Greatness

WA entered two teams in the 2004 SSA carnival, held in the West. Swish Schwerdt doesn’t know if they were selected based on Metro v Country, Weagles v Dockers or perhaps Gina v Rose sympathisers. One of the lads selected in the AA team (a certain P Mills) probably now earns more than the rest of the participants combined and he doesn’t even have to work fourteen-day shifts.

Round 1 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: The Texurrection Shuffle

Two parts travel diary, one part restaurant review, one part match report. Swish Schwerdt returns for his first game in Adelaide in quite a while.

Independent Schools v Combined High Schools: a curtain-raiser played at Footy Park in 1991. But what happened to these blokes and where are they now?

Great list of footballers. Who are they? And where are they now? Classic from Swish Schwerdt as he challenges us to fill in any detail we might know. If you know who they are, and where they ended up playing their footy, and what they’re doing now, add a comment. (Now with a photo of one of the teams)

Country Rules – Barossa Footy

Swish Schwerdt, sounds like a Barossa name. Here’s a Barossa footy piece he saw last weekend.

1975 NFL Championship Final – A Dim Recollection

Swish Schwerdt cannot remember attending the 1975 NFL Championship Final at Football Park between South Australia and Victoria. But he has the evidence to prove he was there.

Footy Jumper: Elizabeth High School 1975-77

Swish Schwerdt still has the maroon and gold woollen jumper from the day when he snapped 11 big ones from the forward pocket on Elizabeth Oval (over 3 games – it was a school carnival).

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 4 – (Not So) Hot Seat – Buy Me A Pony

Swish Schwerdt’s self-indulgent tour of the game show universe limps to its inevitable conclusion. Not sure why he bothered really.

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 3 – (C)Rockwiz – Spare Us The Cutter

Twenty five years after his last TV appearance, Swish Schwerdt is back for more, this time for the whole world to see (or at least those with internet access). If you are called a freakazoid at the Espy but it doesn’t make it on screen, did it really happen?

AFL Round 6 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: The Talia Bros Cup

A chance encounter with some faraway friends for Swish Schwerdt was the highlight of an otherwise forgettable Crows winning day. Still, winning ugly probably beats losing pretty and certainly beats losing ugly.

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 1 – (It’s) Academic Inspiration, You Gave Me None – Strangways, Here We Come

Swish Schwerdt began his illustrious game show career under quiz-master Sandy Roberts. It was 1975. Swish, one of Elizabeth High’s finest, may have been a little ahead of himself. Here’s what happened. (Fine memoir – Ed]

There Goes The Charabanc – The CDFC Bulldogs Supporters Bus (1970-1976)

Part travelogue, part snapshot in time: take the trip with Swish Schwerdt on the supporter bus as he travels around the SANFL as a keen teen. Bound to strike a nostalgic chord even with those who were nowhere near.

Listen Now – In Praise of Libraries

It’s been a lifelong love affair with local libraries for Swish Schwerdt. And not just for the cricket books. So when Almanac banter found him ignorant on a topic, he knew what to do. If you haven’t checked out your own local library lately, let Swish persuade you to step on in.

Australian Open: DNQ

Swish Schwerdt asks: What was Spaniard Oscar Hernandez doing trying to qualify for the Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific?

Tennis: Follow a Stranger

After his first visit to the Australian Open last year, Swish Schwerdt hit on a method of keeping the interest up all year long.

2013 – A Season in Song: Grand Final Edition

One last chance for airwave glory in 2013. Swish Schwerdt concludes his search for song glory on the Coodabeens.

2013 – A Season in Song: Round 11 – Unrewarded Effort

Swish Schwerdt skipped Round 10, but came up with some of his finest work after Round 11. How did they resist the classic topics of video review and holding the ball?

2013 – A Season In Song: Round 7,8,9 – An Early Bye

After a Champy-enforced rest, Swish Schwerdt is back for Round 9, but is starting to wonder if the coach is playing favourites.