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Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 19 Preview: Tidying up loose ends

The NRL finalists are decided but a few loose ends need to be tidied up in this weekend’s Round 19. Ian Hauser takes a look at the prospects for each team.

Almanac Rugby League: It’s all there in black and white

Looking back over his collection of ‘Big League’ programmes, John Campbell finds one dated September 30th 1986 (Vol 67, No. 31) – Grand Final day. Another recounts South Sydney’s worst defeat ever – Round 16, 2006. He loves them all!

Almanac Rugby League: NRL Round 18 Wrap: Benji’s still got it!

A few flashes of rare skill convinced Liam Hauser that the Tigers’ Benji Marshall has still got ‘it’! But it wasn’t enough to get Wests Tigers home in the NRL’s Round 18. Read the full round-up to see what else happened.

Almanac Rugby League – The 1973 NSWRL Grand Final: Manly v Cronulla

The 1973 New South Wales Rugby League Grand Final is regarded as the most brutal of them all. The Almanac’s Ian Hauser went back to the video to see if it lived up to that designation.

Almanac Rugby League – Round 18 Preview: Footy, finals and maths

Finals positions may well be sorted out but there’s still plenty of interest in this weekend’s NRL Round 18. Ian Hauser picks his winners.

Almanac Rugby League: “Whatever happened to…’That Guy’?”

Wayne Ball reminds us of ‘That Guy’ who seemed to have the football world at his feet but, for whatever reason, never made the grade. We’ve all know at least one.

Almanac Rugby League: NRL 2020 Round 17 wrap: Cronulla to pay for indiscretions

There was action aplenty in the NRL’s Round 17. Liam Hauser covers the aftermath with Cronulla the biggest losers both on and off the field.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Biff – rugby league’s infamous fights’

Glen Humphries is a senior journalist at the ‘Illawarra Mercury’, an Almanac contributor, a rugby league fan and an author. Ian Hauser reviews Glen’s recent footy publication, ‘Biff: rugby league’s infamous fights’.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 17 Preview: Heavy hitters’ heaven

Several clashes between the NRL’s heavy hitters in this weekend’s NRL Round 17 will go a long way to shaping the top half of the ladder with finals only a month away. Ian Hauser channels Sir Humphrey Appleby for his selections.

Almanac Rugby League: Footy in the South Burnett

David Goodwin casts his mind back over childhood days of following rugby league in regional Queensland’s South Burnett. And, in doing so, supports the contention raised in John Harms’ recent piece that there is meaning in rugby league.

Almanac Rugby League: Yes, Virginia, there is meaning in rugby league

We reprise John Harms’ George Lovejoy Memorial Lecture to provide a context to our rugby league feature piece on Thursday. Enjoy this insight for its own intrinsic value and then, on Thursday, see how the theory plays out in regional Queensland.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 16 wrap: Injuries might shape the destiny of South Sydney

Upsets, injuries and the strength of the Panthers and Storm dominated the NRL’s Round 16. Liam Hauser gives his perspective.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 16 preview: Correct weight!

According to our rugby league editor Ian Hauser, the NRL’s Round 16 looks like it will confirm this year’s finalists. But there will be no mercy for the Broncos!

Almanac Rugby League – You’ve just got to love footy

Matt O’Hanlon takes us on a rollicking ride through his family’s love affair with rugby league. Put on your seatbelt!

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 15 Wrap: Most interest is to be found off the field

In the NRL’s Round 15, the margins on the field were mostly clear cut. It’s what’s happening off the field that is attracting the most attention. Liam Hauser sums it up.

Almanac Rugby League – Cumbria calling: Barrow Rugby League Football Club

Kevin Haney reports in from Cumbria with images from the Barrow Rugby League Football Club ground where the glory days are long in the past.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 15 Preview: It’s all about incentive

Some call it incentive to win; others might call it the fear of failure. Round 15 of the NRL has it all, regardless of which interpretation you favour.

Almanac Rugby League: They just love their footy

Patrick Skene tells the story of the day he went to watch the very first NSW Physical Disability Rugby League tournament at Redfern Oval. It was a beauty! Share his memories of a most special day in the lives of those who participated.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 14 wrap: Upsets, nail-biters and even a possible biter!

With action aplenty both on and off the field, Liam Hauser brings us up to date following the NRL’s Round 14.

Almanac Rugby League: Cumbria calling

Kevin Haney, our Cumbria-based rugby league correspondent, tells us a bit more about the game in the north of England and shares his thoughts on the Australian situation.