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Almanac Cricket History: Ashley Mallett

John Harms reflects on the cricketing (and writing) career of a classic off-spin bowler. Vale A.A. Mallett.

Almanac Cricket: ‘Why does he need a runner?’

Cricket Umpire John Gascoigne relates the story of courage and resilience of Karthik Balachandar who overcame horrific injuries to continue his cricketing career.

Almanac (Backyard) Cricket: When I was G.S. Chappell and brother Joe was Geoff Dymock (updated with pics)

Dan Hoban grew up in Wallan and learnt to love cricket during the time of Greg Chappell. We’ve added some original photos to his piece.

Almanac Cricket: Marnus and the Nightwatchman

Some Marnus musings from Peter Crossing; he draws on science fiction and ‘mystic’ movements to help explain this talented cricketer.

Almanac Cricket History: Revisiting Tony Wright’s piece on Johnny Mullagh (from The Age) and other resources

John Harms suggests some articles and books which deal with the Indigenous team which toured England in 1868.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Cricket at Worcester: 1938’ – John Arlott

Following on from Citrus Bob’s story about his favourite Test arenas the Footy Almanac reprises one of the great poems about cricket by John Arlott reflecting the idyllic nature of the game.

Almanac Cricket: The Best XI from before my time

While there’s no footy to watch, Rodney Boyd has turned his mind to cricket. This effort is similar to his regular series of teams but with a twist: he never saw any of these men play.

Almanac Cricket: Vale Ray Illingworth

Former England cricket captain Ray Illingworth has passed away at the age of 89. The Footy Almanac pays tribute to a tough, determined player, captain, coach and administrator.

Almanac Cricket: Dr Cricket

With the dust from the footy season barely settled, Glen D turns his attention to cricket, especially cricketers of a medical nature.

Almanac Cricket: Citrus Bob’s favourite cricket grounds

With a lull between Tests, Citrus Bob Utber puts his mind to selecting his favourite cricket grounds for watching cricket.

Almanac Cricket: The Prodigal Son

Cricket umpire John Gascoigne is impressed by the cricketing prowess of youngster Harish Salwathura.

Almanac Cricket: Reaching for the Stars – again

Some teams just seem destined never to deliver on the big stage and Ron Reed follows two of them.

Almanac Cricket: Tim May

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood got in touch with former Test cricketer Tim May. The self-effacing offie shares his life before, during and after cricket.

Almanac (Backyard) Cricket: When I was G.S. Chappell and brother Joe was Geoff Dymock

Those of a certain age will be reminded of their `80s childhoods by this Dan Hoban memoir. [Or should we say “young Danny Hoban” – Ed]

Almanac Cricket: Captain Pat’s year of living large

Being appointed Test captain would have been enough to make it a big year for cricketer Pat Cummins, but that wasn’t the half of it, writes RON REED

Almanac Cricket: Darren Lehmann

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood remembers the long and successful career of Darren ‘Boof’ Lehmann.

Almanac Cricket: Back to the ‘Bishens’

From the Footy Almanac archives we reprise this cracking cricket story by Dips O’Donnell first published on this day in 2010.

Almanac Cricket: Pat Cummins – Australia’s Test Captain

Daniel Brettig presents a terrific profile of Australia’s newest Test captain Pat Cummins in an article appearing in today’s ‘Age’.

Almanac Cricket: The Ashes, John Arlott, Fred Trueman, and innocent times

Col Ritchie reprises his piece from a few years ago reliving some fond cricket memories of ABC Radio, John Arlott, Fred Trueman, and his dad in more innocent times.

Almanac Cricket (Memories) Perth Test – Day 2: The Ashes contest is back on

In a glance back to The Ashes clashes of old, here’s Raj fresh from a clutch of kids’ birthday parties giving us the run down of Perth’s 2013 Ashes Test.