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Citrus Bob on cricket’s new media landscape

Citrus Bob Utber considers the new cricket broadcasting pond and has his say on a team of commentators. Who’s in Bob’s commentary team? And who’s out?

Women’s Footy – Bud Breakfasts and the Shifting Horizons of Girls

Saturday morning breakfast at the Wilson’s. In 2014 and 2018. The newspaper is a constant. The conversation, and the back page, have changed. E.regnans with a poignant piece on the growing stature of Women’s footy. Especially in the eyes of his two daughters.

A letter from summer

As another summer finishes rolling on, leaving some behind, E.regnans reflects on life, death and our physical, sporting and political landscapes

The famous North Hobart Football Club name rises again

Members have voted to return the name North Hobart Football Club to Tasmanian football.

Australia v Pakistan – MCG Test, Day 2: Drizzle, Shmizzle.

Citrus Bob Utber, like many at the MCG, is being driven nuts by the rain – but that hasn’t stopped him catching up with friends old and new, and picking an Australian team of players who have animal and bird names.

Almanac Cricket Poetry: The Ballad of Bluey Jenner

e.regnans, in his typically beautiful way, tells the story of Bluey Jenner, a bush cricketer with the world at his feet.

Round 23 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: This is water

E.Regnans and the Buds journeyed to the MCG to see the sun set on the Magpies season. Hawks fans were wearing their traditional brown and gold grumpy pants. This is water.

No one knows nothing anymore (getting along)

A suburban GP clinic, Literacy week and E.regnans combine to produce a deft delicate touch of appropriate order.

Heat and conversation

Yvette Wroby postulates that some clues to Eddie McGuire’s behaviour can be found in Eddie himself, long ago.

Brutal Blues merely playing catch-up: Pedagogy of the oppressed

E.regnans responds to The Elbow’s piece, with the help of Brazilian educator Paolo Freire. B Bolton is merely doing what any enlightened teacher or parent of young ones would be doing in his place.

Almanac Fiction – Daz Cooper Chapter 5: Hip and shoulder

E.regnans is back with the next chapter of his Daz Cooper series. The cricket flag has been won and we are into footy pre-season. But is there trouble in the Cooper household?

Getting to grips with Melbourne sport

How does a young English woman, migrating to Australia, go about understanding the Melbourne sporting scene? Who do you go for? [A very welcome Almanac debut from Charlotte here – Ed]

49 questions on a Tuesday – part 3

What is an expert? Why do we do what we do? A few questions to ponder from E.regnans.

2016 – The Almanac’s Best Teams

With the 2015 season already fading from memory (who won again?), the Almanackery’s greatest footy brains have come up with their best lineups for 2016. The full list is here.

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Paranoid android

Sometimes appreciation comes creeping. Sometimes a doubt always remains. E.regnans on Hawthorn; game plan, recent history, the 2015 Grand Final, and the idea of appreciation.

Almanac Trade Week

The Almanac and the AFL are joining forces in the first ever trade week for footy writers. Some of the old stagers will be put out to pasture or writing in new colours next season (according to Peter Baulderstone). Any other nominations?

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: A few days later, at the Espy

Three in a row? Thirteen flags in 54 years? E.regnans imagines a meeting between a talking Hawk and a talking Magpie this week at the Espy…

Round 22 – Geelong v Collingwood: a speculative match report

Pies supporter Damian Balassone has attempted to predict the future by writing a report on Geelong v Collingwood, a game that hasn’t happened yet.

Round 21 – Collingwood v Richmond: Paper tigers (roll on summer)

E.regnans believes Richmond won this game only because Collingwood didn’t. They showed no initiative, instead reacting to turn-overs with fast-break goals. [A side to the big Tasmanian Oak I’ve never seen! – Ed]

The Ashes 2015 – Second Test Preview: Dear Prudence

Are we sending echidnas to play in hedgehog conditions? So many questions leading into the Lord’s Test. A Beatles influenced E.regnans offers up some interesting thoughts ahead of the second Ashes Test.