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Balcony Banter: My First Test – Australia v India, MCG, February, 1948

Citrus Bob Utber recalls the first ever Test match he witnessed, Australia v India MCG 1948. It is a classic!

Balcony Banter: My return to the MCG, for the second time!

MCC member William Hodges explains his two long-term, enforced absences from the MCG. He can’t wait to get back there on Saturday!

Balcony Banter: Fifty years on

John Harms recalls the first summer of Test cricket he can remember properly. (This piece is from the MCC’s Balcony Banter blog)

Balcony Banter: When footy came to The Gabba

For a sense of what it was like to attend the AFL Grand Final at the ‘Gabba, Queensland-based MCC member Fiona gives an account of her experience.

Balcony Banter: Ready to return

It’s been a very different year for the MCG. MCC Library sleuth Lynda Carroll writes about previous occasions when the ‘G’ coped with unusual circumstances resulting from a variety of causes.

Balcony Banter: No reign on the parade

MCC Member Grant Fraser looks back over the recent fortunes of the Hawthorn Football Club for ‘Balcony Banter’.

Balcony Banter – Richard Murray: More than a game

In a recent article on ‘Balcony Banter’, Richard Murray pays tribute to his late grandfather, Lionel Murray, and reinforces the Almanac contention that there is meaning in footy.

Balcony Banter – Michael Allen: After the Siren

Michael Allen looks for a way to bring some positive energy to a dark year by recounting several winning after-the-siren goals. He recounted them for ‘Balcony Banter’.

Balcony Banter – ‘Citrus’ Bob Utber: Neville Shute would have been proud

The Almanac’s ‘Citrus’ Bob Utber likened his visit to the MCG earlier this year to the 1959 movie of Neville Shute’s ‘On The Beach’. He reflected on his experience for ‘Balcony Banter’.

Balcony Banter – Bill Hodges: On the move

With the AFL Grand Final to be played in Brisbane this year, Bill Hodges, a long-time MCG Member who hasn’t missed an AFL Grand Final since 1974, will have to watch from afar this time around. In this story for ‘Balcony Banter’, Bill reflects on some of the great Grand Finals he’s witnessed at the real ‘G’.

Balcony Banter – Katie Johns: The significance of an MCG phone box

Katie Jones learned a great deal about the MCG, its history and its traditions from her father Geoff. In this Balcony Banter story, she recalls the road to receiving her Membership letter in 2016.

Balcony Banter – Andrew and Ursula Fithall: Settle Petal

Andrew and Ursula Fithall have written an account in ‘Balcony Banter’ about the divide in their household over support for either Geelong or Collingwood.

Balcony Banter – Sam Thomson: Christmas Time at Long On

MCG member Sam Thomson calls the MCG his second home. He follows the Saints but it’s the Boxing Day Test which plays a particular role in his family’s annual rituals.

Balcony Banter – Lynda Carroll: The Quiet Time

The MCG has gone quiet. Lynda Carroll deals with the flood of memories she experienced after the recent Melbourne v Richmond clash.

Balcony Banter – Rod Oaten: Remembering Dreamtime at the ‘G 2014

Read Rod Oaten’s account of Essendon’s great win over Richmond in the 2014 AFL Dreamtime match.

Balcony Banter – Lynda Carroll: What we are missing

MCC member Lynda Carroll reflects on the currently silent MCG for the club’s Balcony Banter blog.

Balcony Banter – The next great comeback story

Check out the latest instalment of Balcony Banter with a story by Emma La Mari about the frustrations of a footy follower in these new unprecedented times.

Balcony Banter – John Cain: A man for all women

Anne Cahill Lambert pays tribute to former Premier John Cain acknowledging his role in providing the opportunity for women to become members of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

Balcony Banter – Malinga Magic!

Clare Cannon from the Lord’s Taverners in Geelong recently took a group of students from Northern Bay College in Norlane, Geelong to the Australia v Sri Lanka T20 match at the MCG. Five of the students were from Sri Lanka and could not have been more excited.

Balcony Banter – Ann Rusden, MCC Library and MCG Tour Guide

‘There is something particular to each tour guide who brings a group through the Melbourne Cricket Club Library.’ From that starting point, Lynda Carroll launches into her profile about Ann Rusden, one of the many dedicated tour guides at the ‘G’.