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Round 2 – The View from Shepparton: MCG classic makes up for missed Gabba glory

by Peter Schumacher What a great round of footy we have just observed, well most of us. For me, after all of my moaning and complaining about delayed telecasts, the Gabba seemingly in outer space somewhere with no communication to or from, here was a live direct telecast and broadcast.”And guess what”? as our fearless [Read more]

Two Kings

by Andrew Starkie Down the phone from his home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Jack Rennie has a softly scoured, Brando like voice.  He is welcoming, patient and as he speaks, his memory opens and he joyously recounts one of our great sporting moments. ‘He was king of Australia at the time,’ recalls Jack, former trainer [Read more]

Local Footy Flashback: Bendigo FL – Round 1, 1960

FIFTY YEARS AGO IN THE B.F.L. — ROUND ONE, 1960 by Richard Jones TWO close finishes highlighted the opening round in the BFL half a century ago, a time when life was much simpler and less hectic.

Local Footy: Former AFL stars make impression in Bendigo league

By Richard Jones THERE’S plenty of stories about former Bendigo and central Victorian footballers who’ve made the transition from local comps to the AFL. For example the four Selwoods, Nick Dal Santo, Greg ‘Diesel’ Williams, Geoff Southby, Rod Ashman, Jimmy Buckley, Peter McConville and Trevor Keogh all made the trip down the highway to the [Read more]

Local Footy: You never know what to expect in a grand final

As I walk into Elsternwick Park for the Victorian Amateur Football Association’s A-section grand final, the biggest day of the Ammos season, I expect an Old Xaverians victory. They’re playing De La Salle Old Collegians, the team they beat by 92 points in the second semi. Xavs are finals hardened. This is their twelfth grand [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Wild Cats (Felis catus) take centre route to big kill

Throughout the land fans of at least four footy tribes are all a little excited. Maybe it is just a spring thing but for some it is has deteriorated into a serious nervous affliction. This was worryingly apparent in the weekly words from Cat tragic and fellow ‘Knacker” John Harms in this morning’s Age. Plagues [Read more]

Local Footy: CYs fall short in tight, tense affair

SENIORS PENINSULA               1.4    3.8    9.11    15.16-106 WILLIAMSTOWN    1.1    5.3     9.4      11.6-72 PENINSULA Goal Kickers: J. Rombotis 4, J. Coghlan 3, T. Coghlan 2, B. Southam 2, S. Payze, A. Wood, J. Heron, T. Scarpella Best Players: A. Wood, S. Barbour, T. Coghlan, S. Grigg, R. Powney, S. Payze WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: T. Wheeler 5, J. [Read more]

Racing: Now’s the time to place your cups double bets

By Chris Riordan Doubles bookies always promote their dire liabilities, neglecting to mention the stream of lost bets that line their coffers. They, and we, queue up each year in the battle- them for a consistent earn and us, not just for the riches, but the bragging rights that accompany a long-range plonk.

Ireland Correspondent: Tipp top Greens on blue day for Limerick fans

By Peter Lenaghan The gags start flowing from the Limerick fans’ mouths after 20 minutes and three conceded goals. “Oh, congratulations,” one yells at the players wearing green, as another attempted score sails off target. “We’re now in front by four wides.” When Gavin O’Mahony finally puts the ball over the bar for Limerick, another [Read more]

The Wrap: Hawks bow out while Crows confirm finals spot

Where Life Imitates Sport What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Hawks bow out once and for all and Adelaide book their place on the starting grid for September 2009.  THE TIGERS cost another coach his career as The Mighty Magpies leap into thirds spot on The Table for a crack at Geelong [Read more]

Local Footy: Willy too strong for Banyule

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN    6.2    10.3    18.6    20.9-129 BANYULE                   1.1      2.3       3.5      7.6-48 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: C. Richards 4, T. Wheeler 3, S. Barlow 2, W. Cooper 2, J. Gallivan, B. Gray, M. Cini, M. Lishman, J. Hatfield, M. Sultana, J. Tranter, Z. Read, R. Cassidy Best Players: C. McNamara, A. McKay, R. Cassidy, J. Gallivan, J. [Read more]

Round 14: John Mosig’s Footy Wrap

THE PRE WRAP – ROUND XIV THE LADDER ST KILDA                 14        0          170.44             56 GEELONG 13        1          145.04             52 FOOTSCRAY          10        4          130.37             40 CARRINGBUSH     9          5          118.39             36 ADELAIDE 9          5          102.90             36 BRISBANE 8          6          105.10             32 CARTOON               7          7          107.85             26 THE BOMBERS      7          7          101.36             24 ——————————————————————- THE POWER                        [Read more]

Jones files: My top ten in the Bendigo footy league

THE Almanac’s Paul Daffey asked me recently whether I’d considered compiling a list of the best players I’d seen in three decades of reporting on the Bendigo Football League. That got me thinking. My first season of writing about Bendigo footy was way back in 1977 — 33 years ago. Is it fair or reasonable [Read more]

AFL Round 7: (FPS) Buffalo Gals go round the outside

by Ramon Dobb Ouch!  I’m not sure who had the tougher debut, Steele Sidebottom or myself. But I’ll do my best in the spirit of our new Ironman who can hold his head high after a good debut in very difficult circumstances. con?fu?sion – noun 1. the act of confusing. 2. the state of being [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Brave, brave Alex

By Chris Riches Every football supporter knows the moment. It’s a moment when a particular player you’re watching does something that makes you sit up a little straighter in your seat, open your eyes a little wider, pay attention a little more closely. It’s a moment that can move you to turn to a fellow [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Dons’ win a victory for instinct over process

By Damian O’Donnell Zone, schmone. Flood, schmud. Reputation, schmeputation. The Bombers blew all these to the scheisenhaus on Friday night with joyful, fast, youthful, exuberant, unpredictable football. I watched the game like a kid watching Shrek for the fifteenth time. It was good old-fashioned fun. From the very start the Bombers played like young blokes [Read more]

It’s a wonderful feeling to share a win with Demons fans

By Steve Healy This was the most important game of the round. Both teams had opened with three losses and not looked like winning. The best thing about the lead-up to this game was that the media were talking about how bad Richmond were. Terry Wallace was under extreme pressure after being talked down by [Read more]

To go to Oakbank is to back a certain winner

By Chris Riordan In South Australia, people know how often they’ve “been to Oakbank”. For well over 130 years, generations have journeyed in to the Hills and been intoxicated by the magic that is nowadays promoted (debatably) as the biggest picnic race carnival in the world.

Gabba lights stay on for Lions mirth hour

By Geoff Woolcock Hailed as the Lions favourite son’s coaching debut, up against the club for whom he’d already purchased guernseys for his kids before Lethal’s resignation saw him turn the removalist trucks around just before leaving for Perth. We were at the Gabbatoir for this blustery dusk opening siren primarily because my oldest son [Read more]