AFL Round 12: Essendon v Melbourne: It was worth it to see Jurrah make debut

By Steve Healy There aren’t many good things about the second week of the split round. No Saturday afternoon footy is the main worry. But it wasn’t worrying me when I came home from school on Friday. I was confident that Melbourne could give the Bombers a shake and Jurrah would star on debut. If [Read more]

Local Footy: Colourful nicknames make footy world go round

By Daryl Pitman “Go Pies!,” shout Collingwood fans. “Up the Crows,” some even more misguided individuals have been heard to utter. But what about the more original nicknames that have evolved in local football? If you haven’t heard of the Cavemen, the Redeyes, the Yabbies or the Gorillas, then read on . . . One [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Round 12: Geelong win reminds me of barracking for the Croweaters

By Peter Schumacher It seems eons ago when Dean Laidley resigned as coach of the Shinboners. Indeed I can scarcely remember the name of his replacement. Barry Crocker wasn’t it? No that’s right it’s Darren Crocker. Anyway it’s hard to believe that the guy has yet to coach his first North Melbourne game. Such is [Read more]

Irish Correspondent: Dublin cricket looks bright amid the mizzle

By Peter Lenaghan It is summer in Dublin and a light mizzle is falling on the city. A thick blanket of cloud hangs above, trapping warm and muggy air. It is a minor miracle that cricket is played here at all. The players emerge from the rooms, each one wearing a cream, sleeveless sweater. “I’ve [Read more]

Haiku Bob: Round 12: The floodlights hum

low crowd Didak and the floodlights hum   trails in the dew two wayward brothers cross paths     leaf veins the burly spearhead lays bare his frailties     rain weary sky Cox gets caught gets caught again     longest night the Swans catch us late in the third     from the [Read more]

In the Sheds: PM rewards multi-talented Mifsud

By Paul Daffey JASON Mifsud is a footballer who’s well known at all levels of the game, having achieved success as a playing-coach at Koroit in the Hampden Football League before becoming an assistant coach at St Kilda under Grant Thomas and the Western Bulldogs under Rodney Eade. In recent years Mifsud has worked with [Read more]

General Footy Writing: A life of a Pie

By Danielle Eid I was recently asked by Paul Daffey why I barrack for Collingwood. So I was inspired to write up a piece on why I am one of those Collingwood supporters you love to hate. When my Dad came to Australia he lived with his uncle (my Godfather) and together they started the [Read more]

Middle East Correspondent: Koroit pair almost steal premiership cup from Dubai Heat’s grasp

By Rod Gillett It was more than a truly international clash on football’s latest frontier; it was a classic Bush Boys versus City Slickers encounter. The inaugural Middle East AFL grand final pitted the unbeaten Dubai Heat, who are based in the United Arab Emirates, against the Muscat Magpies from neighbouring Oman. Dubai is an [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Round-12 Stat. Declaration

By Andrew Gigacz STATITORIAL — DEMETRIOU’S VERSION OF EVEN-HANDEDNESS In his role as AFL CEO, Andrew Demetriou often has to perform delicate balancing acts in order to keep all parties happy. But he has taken that concept to a new level over the past couple of weeks. With the decision not to move the Round-14 [Read more]

Haiku Bob: Community Cup — shifty winds

pre-match the dressing room fills with smoke     Community Cup – decked out in team colours the family dog     in the clinches beer guts hold right of way     burly rover streams forward way up ahead his former self     rain comes the crowd on the hill unmoved     [Read more]

State-level Footy: Clarence player flashes into Tassie footy folklore

By Bill Walker With the current Ute Gate affair taking national headlines away from Tasmania, where a Labor minister recently  fell on her sword simply for employing her mother and two sisters without considering due process, a southern Tasmanian footballer has taken the initiative to steal the headlines back where they belong — and flash [Read more]

Local Footy: University of New England footballers spread the word

By Rod Gillett Most uni footy clubs are renowned for getting up to some hi-jinx. The Bushpigs based at Charles Sturt University’s Wagga campus claim to be “Australia’s most socially innovative football club” while the University of Queensland’s Red Lions took the their nickname from the Glencoe pub – an historic hotel on the New [Read more]

General Footy Writing: The ultimate Cats man has an inexplicable flaw

By Damian O’Donnell I’ve got a mate who barracks for Geelong. I hadn’t seen him for a few months, but bumped into him at a house-warming function on Saturday afternoon. Describing Bunter as a barracker is completely inadequate. Words like “supporter” or “member” or even “Cats man” also fall a long way short. These describe [Read more]

AFL Round 12: The Wrap

By John Mosig What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  A short one, true, but full of drama.  Firstly The Bombers risk a fine for bringing THE GAME into disrepute with a thorough spanking of The Wretched Redlegs.  The Pies run hot for Coach Brewery’s 600th and put a bit off pressure on the [Read more]

VAFA: Round 9 wrap

By Paul Daffey Old Xaverians and De La Salle have stamped themselves as clearly the best two A-section teams at the season’s halfway mark after notching further impressive victories at the weekend. Xavs demolished Collegians by 100 points at Toorak Park in a match that said as much about the losers as the winners. On [Read more]

VAFA: Williamstown CYMS v Old Westbourne

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN        8.6    9.6    13.8    14.10-94 OLD WESTBOURNE    0.0    4.1      4.2       7.5-47 WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: T. Wheeler 4, W. Cooper 2, Z. Read 2, J. Reid 2, S. Barlow, B. Gray, N. Walsh, B. Lethborg Best Players: J. Hynes, S. McGuinness, Z. Read, J. Connors, B. Hynes, T. Wheeler OLD WESTBOURNE Not available Williamstown CYMS [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Sydney v Collingwood: Victory is determined by whether I record the game or not

By Andrew Fithall Given every supporter controls the outcome of every match, it is amazing there are ever outcomes at all. Some people affect the result by attending the game, some by not attending. Listening to the game live on radio when the telecast is delayed has also been known to directly affect the performance [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Shaw, the slipping Swan

by    Danielle Eid Ahh, can it get any better? Exams are over and my family is happy to have the ‘normal’ Danni back. I was able to ace my Literature, History and Media exams (haven’t got my English back yet) However to my dismay I produced a Rhyce Shaw by slipping on my accounting exam.  [Read more]

General Footy Writing: How teenage girls choose a footy team

By Danielle Eid My friends can never understand, and will never understand, my attachment to footy. They don’t see a reason to fuss over a key player getting reported, or to cry over a rivalry thrashing. At school I’m known for two things: 1. My obsession with the Jonas Brothers (my favorite boy band, especially [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Sydney v Collingwood: Pies make Shaw of strong win

By Steve Fahey One of the unfortunate consequences of the draft has been the frequency with which siblings end up at different clubs.  Let’s call it the Selwood phenomenon, if it doesn’t already have a name. While the father-son rule has been great in helping maintain and build family traditions within clubs, siblings ending up [Read more]