AFL Round 12: Shaw, the slipping Swan

by    Danielle Eid Ahh, can it get any better? Exams are over and my family is happy to have the ‘normal’ Danni back. I was able to ace my Literature, History and Media exams (haven’t got my English back yet) However to my dismay I produced a Rhyce Shaw by slipping on my accounting exam.  [Read more]

General Footy Writing: How teenage girls choose a footy team

By Danielle Eid My friends can never understand, and will never understand, my attachment to footy. They don’t see a reason to fuss over a key player getting reported, or to cry over a rivalry thrashing. At school I’m known for two things: 1. My obsession with the Jonas Brothers (my favorite boy band, especially [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Sydney v Collingwood: Pies make Shaw of strong win

By Steve Fahey One of the unfortunate consequences of the draft has been the frequency with which siblings end up at different clubs.  Let’s call it the Selwood phenomenon, if it doesn’t already have a name. While the father-son rule has been great in helping maintain and build family traditions within clubs, siblings ending up [Read more]

Middle East Correspondent: Riverina review puts Farrer clubs in danger

By Rod Gillett There will be no forced mergers of club, according to the Review of Australian Football & Netball in Southern NSW released in Wagga  on Friday. It’s a review that proposes a blending of the current Riverina and Farrer football leagues into a new competition to be known as AFL Riverina. In a [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Richmond v West Coast: Tiger Kop barely moved to song by humdrum win

By Sam Steele They’ve got a Kop at Richmond these days! Rushing into Docklands just as the ball is bounced, I’m expecting a new dawn of sorts as the Tigers start life under new coach, Jade Rawlings.  He’s dropped all the old-timers in the team apart from Cousins, and is expecting our youngest team in [Read more]

Round 12: Carlton v St Kilda: Even a Tigers fan admits the Blues deserves praise

By Sam Steele I’m home alone – a rare event in the Steele household.  Older son Tom has gone to the game with some university mates.  Younger son Billy is at a party.  My better half, the non-footballing Yang to the football-mad Yin of the three boys in the family, is having a family reunion [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Mega mid-season stat declaration

Forget all the other mid-season reviews. Here are the four most important things so far gleaned from this season: 1.    FOOTY TIPSTERS TIPPING TIP – WHEN TO PICK CARLTON So many factors come into play when deciding which team to pick on a Friday afternoon. Is player X in this week? Is player Y carrying [Read more]

The Wrap: Part 2 of Round 12

By John Mosig What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The big question is out there in The Burbs, at The Family Club.  Is the Football Department about to be Jeffed?  They’re certainly playing as though they already have been.  The news came in the form of an apology from The Prez, to the [Read more]

Jones Files: The day Moresby fight fans heckled Smokin’ Joe

By Richard Jones SMOKIN’ Joe Frazier, one-time world heavyweight boxing champion, landed in Port Moresby in late March 1975. Joe and his entourage flew in from Melbourne where Joe had beaten a top rated opponent in Jimmy Ellis in a scheduled 12-rounder. In fact Frazier won on a ninth round TKO with Ellis unable to [Read more]

AFL Fans: Curse You Harms, You’re Right (about Crows fans)

I could tell from the opening words of John Harm’s article on Patrick Dangerfield that there was trouble ahead.

AFL fans: A Crows fan is a Crows fan is a Crows fan

by John Harms I am worried about Patrick Dangerfield. He seems like such a nice boy. He’s from the Geelong area. Innocent. He knows the country air, the surf and the sea of Moggs Creek, the smell of freshly mown fairways, and the sound of new-born lambs feebly bleating. He was born under the reign [Read more]

The Wrap: Round 12 and a bit

THE WRAP – ROUND XI THE LADDER ST KILDA        12    0    173.62        48 GEELONG        11    0    153.00        44 FOOTSCRAY    8    4    125.89        32 BRISBANE        7    5    101.40        28 ADELAIDE        7    5    100.19        28 CARLTON        6    6    114.52        24 CARRINGBUSH    6    5    107.79        24 [Read more]

Yarra Man: Make the TAC Cup an under-23 competition

By Tavis Perry I’ve often wondered if the AFL has got it right with the TAC cup. There’s no doubt that most of the players who are drafted come out of this competition, but I wonder if the AFL could utilise the TAC Cup better as a breeding ground for potential players. I think it [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Footy soul train needs a little direction

By David Mapleston It’s Sunday afternoon and I am watching the Cats and the Bombers on telly. My girlfriend Sonja’s favourite player has just became Jimmy Bartel due to a close up before a centre bounce. Cameron Ling was No.1 because, as Sonja said, he is the  “Susan Boyle of the AFL”. It’s the mothering [Read more]

Irish Correspondent: Hill 16 and other lessons

By Peter Lenaghan Croke Park in Dublin gleams when the weak, early summer sunshine peeps through the cloud. It is the first big day of the Leinster football championship. Nearby, betting shops and pubs are overflowing and the Dubs’ fans, decked out in sky blue kits, are lubricating their voice boxes; the old rivals are [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Tigers must resist temptation to rush in and sign Buckley

By Graham Sinclair The mind flashes back a few years to last time that the Tigers were in the hunt for a coach. Spud Frawley had brought to the club the mediocrity he had displayed as an assistant under Tony Shaw at Collingwood. The future at Richmond was looking barren. Lack of funding, lack of [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Tired of silence in the stands? Now sit down and listen to this …

By Bill Mapleston Recently I was walking past the telly. The match of the day was on at the ’G, Cometti was commentating, and the match looked to be at an exciting phase. So I took a minute out to watch – “Luv the game,” as they say. Cometti kept me amused with his “right [Read more]

General Footy Writing: The day we took Geoff Leek to training

By Rod Oaten It wasn’t easy being an Essendon supporter and living in North Caulfield, but Mum and Dad moved out there from the beloved north-western suburb after they got married so there wasn’t much I could do about it.  I used to love Essendon not only because of its footy team but because planes [Read more]

General Footy Writing: An Irishman’s thoughts on footy, such as they are

By Cormac McCormack Big wages. Big muscles. Big city clubs shipping 6000 kilometres to play at big stadia … Everything about the AFL should make anyone from a GAA background skulk around in anxious compunction, waiting for the inevitable comparisons. It doesn’t, though. The bottom line – that Gaelic games are amateur sports, played and [Read more]

Middle East Correspondent: Rick Quade deserves place among Swans’ greats

By Rod Gillett Rick Quade stepped down from the Swans’ board of directors only last year, after almost 40 years of service for the South Melbourne/Sydney Swans Football Club. Since beginning as a player in 1970, he’s been captain, coach, chairman of selectors and a board member. Recently he heeded another call to serve the [Read more]