Round 6 Preview

by Josh Barnstable North Melbourne vs. Collingwood (D) (N) An enthralling contest between these two sides. The Roos, with their backs against the wall, should come out firing against a disappointing Collingwood outfit that lost to Essendon last week after young David Zaharakis kicked the final goal of the game in the pouring rain to [Read more]

Luck of the Draw

by Richard Holt By the time they found Cornell’s body, dumped in a laneway near the Perseverance Hotel, I’d landed in Bangkok and taken the first bus south. Later, when I learnt the result of the game and heard about Cornell’s demise, I guessed what had happened. But the homicide boys would never figure it [Read more]

Pies Fans

by John Harms Whenever I sit in the vicinity of the Collingwood Cheer Squad, I am reminded of the Sermon on the Mount. I look at the array in black and white around me, and I see lives lived tough. “Blessed are the Collingwood fans,” I think to myself. Only I’m not sure what they [Read more]

Wimmera fans soak up wet conditions

By Paul Daffey Footballers of the current generation wear white boots, orange boots and boots that do the dishes at night, but these same footballers would be thunderstruck by any variation at the bottom of their boots. Dry weather in recent years means that many players have only ever worn moulded soles. So it must [Read more]

Oh for the days when the Tigers had the wood on the Swans

By Paul Daffey In my boyhood Richmond beat teams like Sydney as if we were having a kick in the park. Robbie McGhie would send his curling drop punts (they reflected the arc of his bandy legs) towards the forward line, where Royce Hart flew from the side before wheeling on to his left foot. [Read more]

Cats Play Keepings Off in the Cold

by Dan Lonergan When Brisbane won those three flags in a row, they relished playing anywhere including what had previously been one of their least happy hunting grounds, Kardinia Park. They smashed Geelong there in 2001 and 2002 on their way to premierships and it was a case of men against boys in those two [Read more]

How Dare They?

by Kelly Muldoon I wasn’t intending on going to the Saints v West Coast game. My whole weekend was consumed with domestic chores and children and it did not seem feasible. That all changed, however, when I took the little ones down to the local beach on Good Friday for a run.Right there on the [Read more]

Five Extraordinary Minutes

by Adrian Vitez While driving to the MCG this ANZAC Day, I was struck by a comment made by the ABC’s Gerard Whately on the radio. In the midst of debate about whether Essendon and Collingwood deserve ANZAC day to themselves, he made the salient observation that to have the honour of playing on such [Read more]

Love the Volleys

by Pamela Sherpa   Are Dunlop Volleys making a comeback, or did they never really go out of fashion? When the Preston girls competed in the finals of the 2009 Victorian Little Athletics championships in March they weren’t wearing fancy, expensive  ‘throwing’ shoes. Zoe , 12 and Anna, 10 from Brighton preferred their reliable, comfy [Read more]

Mark Coughlan: Game 84, Number 24.

by Chris Riches Sixteen possessions, five marks, five tackles. Not a bad night’s work for someone playing their first game for the season, and for a 27-year-old returning from a series of debilitating injuries it is a more than encouraging display. Yet Mark Coughlan looks uncomfortable.Richmond players and officials leaving Etihad Stadium after the side’s [Read more]

The Saints show they are the real deal after smashing Port

by Josh Barnstable I remember the Preliminary Final in 2004 when these two teams played at this venue. The Power got home by 6 points, robbing St Kilda of a Grand Final place. That was a classic ‘finals match’. And tonight has that feel again. The Power, 3 wins and 1 loss so far in [Read more]

Dangerous Times When You Are Thinking About Football

by David Mapleston A sports psychologist once told me the two best ways to put someone off their goal kicking. The first way is to ask them a question as they are running in to kick. The theory is, their mind can’t help but respond and therefore they aren’t completely focused on kicking straight. The [Read more]

International recruiting still not paying dividends

By Avan Stallard One of the quirks of playing in the lower grades is that it is the way station for new talent. Fellows who have never touched a football in their life get to thinking: ‘That looks like fun. I could do that.’ And, so, they strap on the boots and join our humble [Read more]

The ‘Hoff’ Feasts on Wests

by Nick Kossatch THE Riverland Superdogs may have lost the rugged Paul ‘Weeds Cupcake’ Matthews (knee soreness) and Nick ‘Kossy’ Kossatch (Power barracking commitments) but it did not stop them from winning their first game against Wests at Berri Oval on Sunday. It was a keenly fought contest and club president Lance ‘Buckets’ Gum suffered [Read more]

A Stats-free, Sabbath-left-overs, Richmond Sort of Night

by Jason Feldman Since 2003 I have had the fortune of being paid to watch footy. I am a stats man for Champion Data. It’s not a bad gig; we get the best seats in the house, munch down on free party pies at half time and get to share the two man urinal with [Read more]

Uni of Qld AFC Div 2 Reserves match report

By Avan Stallard In Tasmania, they play on gravel. In The Northern Territory, they play on dirt. In the north they play through cyclones, in Melbourne they play in equal parts mud to grass, and even up here in Logan they play on fields of syringes and broken rum bottles. It is a man’s game [Read more]

Cats Could Do With An Overhaul

by Angus Nicholls     I’m pretty much a Holden man. Don’t know if I was born this way or was somehow subliminally groomed by the General during my formative years. What’s more it doesn’t matter given that we’re talking about the General’s mortal enemy and the Greatest Footy Club on Earth.   Co-located in [Read more]

The Bulldogs and that Other Side

by Andrew Gigacz Q. Why didn’t the athiest chicken cross the road? A. Because it didn’t believe in the other side.   At this time of year, it’s hard not to think about what lies on the other side. As we commemorate ANZAC Day and the leaves fall from the trees, thoughts turn to what [Read more]

People, Places and Footy on ANZAC Day

by Andrew Starkie North Melbourne versus Richmond 7.20pm, Saturday, April 25, Etihad Stadium This is primarily a match report for the North versus Richmond game, however, I do want to share some observations from earlier on ANZAC Day. Earlier in the day… A small group gathered around the cenotaph for the dawn service at Reservoir [Read more]

Dud game

by Daniel Cherny St.Kilda and Fremantle are the most bizarre of rivals. They have never met in a final, and they have no geographical proximity. Yet clashes between the Saints and the Dockers have an incredible ability to deliver the absurd. Perhaps it is fitting that the two most pathetic teams in league history- St.Kilda [Read more]