Little Voices

  by Vin Maskell   We drank tea in the kitchen on the hill Listening to the players wandering Looking for their football in the fog. The kettle boiled, the whistle blew The steam from the cups Caressed our faces. Below in the white still darkness The players kept calling: Nicknames and coaches’ orders. A [Read more]

This Geelong Life

  by Ed Harcourt   “You don’t know what love is until you’ve learned the meaning of the blues.” It was June 16 1991. A typical Melbourne day at the MCG. Round 13 of The Australian Football League’s season was my first as a member of The Geelong Football Club. We sat on the wing [Read more]

Thin white moon

by Haiku Bob     Fraser’s stoop the long curve of the thin white moon             crisp autumn night Pendlebury sticks his little gives             leafless trees Lockyer finds himself loose           rolling zone the crumb gatherer wheels right and bends [Read more]

Superdogs overcome tardy start

By Nick Kossatch RIVERLAND’S over-35s football side, the Superdogs, travelled to Blyth in South Australia’s Mid North and returned home 31-point victors. With a depleted side the Doggies “went to work” after a tardy start. The spring-heeled Nick “Kossy” Kossatch had a reason to jump higher in the ruck as his lady friend Nat was [Read more]

Loxton show they’ve got the goods

By Nick Kossatch Loxton’s Peter Smith kicked five goals to help his side to an upset four-goal win against Waikerie in the Headspace third round of South Australia’s Riverland footy league. The Tigers began in blazing fashion, skipper Leigh Kruger and Braden Smith setting the tone. Centreman Kruger helped set up youngster Jackson Fielke for [Read more]

Little devils fire up while Demons take another step

By Barry Levinson It’s only now, in my early thirties, that I’m beginning to think maybe one day I wouldn’t mind having kids. So far I can think of two good reasons. First, it would be handy having someone able to work out how to program the video recorder.  Second, and most important, it would [Read more]

Warm feeling on a cold day

By Damian O’Donnell It was mid-winter, the mud was cold and deep, and the rain had a sting to it. It came down on that awkward winter angle where no part of the body is shielded. My footy boots were full of water and my long-sleeve jumper hung shapeless, like a clock face in a [Read more]

Essendon fan gets the same old feeling

by Rod Oaten I guess it started some 15 years ago as a Da/Father/Son day but Da gave up about 5 years ago due to age, he is now over 92, and stays in his aged care facility in Northcote and listens on the radio. Family days at the footy have always been important to [Read more]

You’ll be shocked by Richo’s anagram. Or maybe you won’t

  Andrew Gigacz’s Round 6 Stat. Declaration As we bask in the aftermath of the AFL’s (under-publicised) Star Wars Round (May the 4th, be with you) Geelong and St Kilda continue to dominate the data deliberation. Actually, when you think about it, there’s a strong link between Star Wars and the Saints. Luke Skywalker was [Read more]

St Kilda give the Bullies a twittering

by Tim Ivins ? portlygentleman Crunch game, can the St Kilda defence stifle the free-running Dogs? and will the Dogs prove that they can match it with the best? ? portlygentleman Saints unchanged in Dal Santo’s 150th, Everitt in for Williams. Goddard on Higgins looks like a great match up. ? portlygentleman The Saints unbeaten [Read more]

It’s SimCity Time!

by John Kingsmill   In the current SimCity Adelaide Stadium Debate, I hope that the Advertiser’s report of State Treasurer Kevin Foley’s plan to move AFL from AAMI Stadium to Victoria Park and to couple footy with car-racing was flippant. I hope that Kevin Foley was only thinking aloud, exploring the last thing that someone [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Ignoring the Derby

By LES EVERETT I don’t like derbies. It stems from a highly immature dislike for the Eagles that does not need to be explained in detail here. So my game plan for the big day – Fremantle v West Coast – was to set the recorder, ignore the game and watch it if the Dockers [Read more]

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

By Josh Barnstable When the fixture comes out for the season, the team that is named first is the home team who will wear the home jumper and home shorts. Tonight it is North Melbourne vs. Collingwood. North Melbourne is the home team. They run out on the ground. White shorts, White socks. But worst [Read more]

Hawks Home In A Classic

by Sasha Lennon I was worried about the Hawks. Carlton had a confident buzz about them, as they have all year. I could almost feel it from my Brisbane lounge room as I made myself a coffee to aid the concentration and then took my place on the couch as the players took to the [Read more]

Purposeful Pies Pummel Puerile Poultry Portrayers

  by Steve Fahey   josh (slang) n. good natured joke v.t. indulge in ridicule   The Pies continued their loss-win sequence (which now stands at L-W-L-W-L-W) with a comfortable win against very ordinary opposition.  Other than a ten minute burst from the Kangas in the second-half of the opening stanza, we controlled this match [Read more]

Old East Fremantle Would Have Been A Contender

  by Rod Gillett and Dave Warner   When Paddy Ryder was awarded the Anzac Medal for his game for Essendon in this year’s match against Collingwood it occurred to me that here was yet another top-class player produced by the East Fremantle Football Club. I thought there was a story in it. I contacted [Read more]

The Lone Supporter

by Chad Woodbine     Here, in South Korea I have a great life. My job is easy, I’m newly married – with all the wonderful things that come with that situation and my mother in law is my beer supplier. But there are some things that I don’t have. My wife knows that and [Read more]

Round 6 Preview

by Josh Barnstable North Melbourne vs. Collingwood (D) (N) An enthralling contest between these two sides. The Roos, with their backs against the wall, should come out firing against a disappointing Collingwood outfit that lost to Essendon last week after young David Zaharakis kicked the final goal of the game in the pouring rain to [Read more]

Luck of the Draw

by Richard Holt By the time they found Cornell’s body, dumped in a laneway near the Perseverance Hotel, I’d landed in Bangkok and taken the first bus south. Later, when I learnt the result of the game and heard about Cornell’s demise, I guessed what had happened. But the homicide boys would never figure it [Read more]

Pies Fans

by John Harms Whenever I sit in the vicinity of the Collingwood Cheer Squad, I am reminded of the Sermon on the Mount. I look at the array in black and white around me, and I see lives lived tough. “Blessed are the Collingwood fans,” I think to myself. Only I’m not sure what they [Read more]