AFL Round 8: Freo: a tipster’s nightmare.

by Josh Barnstable I am in three footy tipping competitions at the moment. One at home, one at my dad’s work and one at my mum’s work. I picked Fremantle in each competition, I also used my ‘wild card’ at my mum’s work, where the amount of tips I got correct for this round, I [Read more]

AFL Round 8: Worth a $5 dabble?

by Josh Barnstable I am not very confident about this match. None of the other 14 teams would feel confident either. Geelong at Kardinia Park. Seems impossible. The odds are outstanding for the Cats. Mum put $5 on the Roos last night, even though she knows there is little hope. But things can happen in [Read more]

AFL Round 8: (FPS) I’d rather not be in Philadelphia

By Steve Fahey     I was bruised and battered and I couldn’t tell What I felt I was unrecognizable to myself I saw my reflection in a window I didn’t know My own face Streets of Philadelphia, Bruce Springsteen   I’m not sure whether this applies more to the team or to we supporters.  [Read more]

AFL Round 8: Hawks too good for Freo

By Sasha Lennon   Fremantle: 9.11 (65) Hawthorn: 13.9 (87)   Round 8 and we’re three wins and four losses.  Hawthorn’s premiership defence was officially looking shaky and I was concerned.  I knew this for certain after I found myself preparing for the game – donning the Hawthorn socks, making sure I had the 2008 [Read more]

Weekend Memoir: Round the grounds

by John Harms   During the past week the scheduling of AFL matches has been a topic of discussion. Monday night’s match between Collingwood and St Kilda, despite being an ordinary game, seems to have been a reasonably successful experiment. However many feel that football has hijacked yet another day of the week.   Spreading [Read more]

Weekend read: John ‘Pa’ O’Keeffe – a true football person

by Patrick O’Keeffe   Pa taught me how to kick a stab pass, torpedo and drop kick. I think that I might have been about 6 or 7 at the time. I remember it being an overcast day, in a park not too far from Glenelg Oval. I was eager to impress my grandfather. Unfortunately [Read more]

Jones files: After sixty years, I’m still yelling for the Pivots

By Richard Jones GROWING up in Geelong in the late 1940s and early 1950s there was no way I could have been anything but a supporter of the Hooped Marvels. My father was a Welshman who had migrated to Australia in the mid-1920s, ostensibly to escape possible employment in the coalmines of south Wales. So [Read more]

Middle East Correspondent: Branch’s grassroots work honoured by Sydney clubs

by Rocket Gillett   There has been a proliferation of cups and medals and even sporting venues and facilities named in honour of former club heroes or officials in recent years. I reckon that has been a good thing. It’s great to see people recognised for their contribution to the game. Personally I like to [Read more]

AFL Round 7: The View From Shepparton

by Peter Schumacher   What The View wonders about at the end round 7 is how Neil Craig maintains his popularity in Adelaide. The Crows haven’t really done anything much during his tenure, and once again lost at home to a team that had had 3 successive losses. What with Mick and Terry increasingly appearing to [Read more]

AFL Round 7: (FPS) Buffalo Gals go round the outside

by Ramon Dobb Ouch!  I’m not sure who had the tougher debut, Steele Sidebottom or myself. But I’ll do my best in the spirit of our new Ironman who can hold his head high after a good debut in very difficult circumstances. con?fu?sion – noun 1. the act of confusing. 2. the state of being [Read more]

Local footy: In the Sheds: Big clubs in unfamiliar territory

Paul Daffey Essendon’s win over Hawthorn on Friday night has a lot to answer for. Not only did it end David Parkin’s career on ABC Radio (as detailed in The Age yesterday), but it set in train a weekend of madness in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Vermont, Balwyn, Noble Park … these are the powerhouse clubs [Read more]

FPS: bottom falls off by Haiku Bob

bottom falls off       more than once this love has pushed me into misery           monday night football white collared footy jumpers           brittle night the bottom falls off our game plan           the moon outside many of our kicks go [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Paddy Ryder has legs like springs

by Richard Holt Paddy Ryder has legs like springs. He’s one of those rare players who doesn’t so much climb opponents shoulders when he takes a screamer as land on them. From the time he leaves the ground, to when he returns, ball in hand, somewhere in the world someone has taken their first breath [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Dees just the same at the Bentleigh Club

by Steve Healy There is always something to look forward to in footy. Whether it’s analysing the eight games in the coming round, or deciding what games you score or the release of the teams on Thursday at five. There is always something to look forward to. On this particular day, however, I was looking [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Gigs’ Round 7 Stat Declaration

by Andrew Gigacz     They say a week’s a long time in footy but what about 100 years? It was about this time last century that Geelong and St Kilda were the embarrassment of the VFL, becoming two of only three teams in history to lose to University by more than 50 points. Now, [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Frenzied Saints just too good

by Darren Smith Shelley, Kain and I waited patiently for the Mt Evelyn boys to arrive. We were to rendezvous at the Hotel Spencer and walk to the game. I was forewarned that Dip, Mick and Dave could be quite loud at the footy. I took it to mean offensive. I was a sole Saint [Read more]

Poetry: ‘Achtung Mick’

                                                                                                                                  Achtung Mick!                                                                                                                                    by Phil Dimitriadis                                                                                                   The Boundary line is his best friend.                                                                                     His moustache bristles at ‘their’ mistakes.                                                   Nobody else seems to comprehend,                                                   only he appears to be awake.                                                     It’s everyone else’s [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Saints pound Pies as stricken sinners suffer

by David Enticott It has been a horrible week. We’ve been locked up inside with gastro for four days straight. Our three boys have had it, Melissa and I have it and now our cat and two dogs are starting to show signs of being seriously unwell. Heaven help us if swine flu ever hits- [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Thank God it’s a school night

By Andrew Fithall   What happened in the last quarter last night? Monday night football. Ben Cousins says there could be only one thing worse than Monday night football and that would be Tuesday night football. For a parent with children, attending the football on a school night has its advantages. Like not having to [Read more]

Local footy: Lunch with the hyphens at Old Geelong

by John Harms     It’s midday Saturday. I am Yarraside, standing on the balcony of the wonderful art-deco pavilion at Como Park. I know it well. In summer it is the home of the South Yarra Cricket Club made (more) famous in GCJD Haigh’s celebrated yarn The Vincibles.    GCJD is the inspiration of [Read more]