Crio’s Question: Help us build a team of players who should play for another club

By Chris Riordan When Richmond’s Jarrod Silvester grabbed the ball in the match against North Melbourne on Sunday, I said to Tom, “He should be a Cat!” Perhaps Silvester and Tweety-Bird was a bit obscure, but it led to a conversation on players whose names or nicknames would best have had them playing elsewhere. We’ll [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Pies need wake up call

By Danielle Eid OK, OK, let me get this straight. Collingwood lost by 45 points and Nathan Brown has an ankle injury? Does anything else want to go wrong? Truth be told, I did not watch a minute of this game; I was out at Crown Casino Cinemas to watch Harry Potter. I did think [Read more]

AFL Round 15: Magpies add to the Tower of Wins

By Carolyn Straford It’s Friday night, I’m in Ivanhoe, in front of a large old-fashioned television. It isn’t a plasma nor an LCD screen but it’s big and it will do. The heater is on and The Beverley Hillbillies are the curtain-raiser. Odd, yes I know, but what is to follow may be even stranger, [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Tiger-Roo draw is not surprising considering neither side knows how to win

By Chris Riordan There’s a gruesome joy in going to a draw when you barrack for neither side. And, I hasten to add, today’s result made no difference to the prospects of my team, the Doggies, for this year and beyond. I’d hoped to have a look at Cousins and Cotchin to gauge for myself [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Shaggy Cats blow away Dees in first quarter

By Josh Barnstable Geelong v Melbourne Geelong 2nd, Melbourne 15th Geelong with a two-game losing streak Melbourne with a two-game winning streak The above is something no one in the footy world would have thought possible. But will Melbourne extend both teams’ streaks to three? Celebrating Geelong’s 150th birthday, the Cats wear a slightly altered [Read more]

Second Test – Day 4: Australians still in it

Second Test – Day 4 Test cricket is just brilliant. The elements are mixed so perfectly. The English brains trust was probably thinking of batting for a few more overs on the fourth morning just to grind the Australians into the Lord’s dirt, but the clouds gathered, the trust was re-convened and Andrew Strauss declared. [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Cats too good but Walpiri Wizard delights Dees fans

By Steve Healy It was just another day at the footy, but I had to travel much further to see the Demons play today. I woke up very early, which was quite unusual for me. I hopped on the V-Line train at Southern Cross Station, ready for a big game between Geelong and Melbourne. Geelong [Read more]

Local Footy: Kossy brain fade costs Superdogs victory

By Nick Kossatch A costly last-quarter 25-metre penalty by Superdogs All-Australian ruckman Nick Kossatch proved the difference as his side went down by two points in a thrilling match against Blackwood at Berri. ‘Kossy’ was devastated post-match but will seek Barry Hall Anger Management Counselling very soon. He did dominate, however, with plenty of possessions [Read more]

Local Footy: Berri’s finals chances go up in smoke in fiery clash

By Nick Kossatch Berri’s chances of playing in the Riverland Football League finals have all but ended after going down by two goals in a fiery round 11 match against Waikerie. The Berri Oval clash was at times riddled by errors and was marred by a spiteful brawl midway through the third quarter. The Magpies [Read more]

AFL Round 16: The Blues return to finals calculations as I return to the footy

By Damian Watson As my Dad and I made our way towards Etihad Stadium I felt a great sense of anticipation. It was the first time in six weeks that I’d been to an AFL game. The reason for this hiatus is thanks to a long bout of the flu, and the wintry conditions certainly [Read more]

Second Test–Day 3: Punter’s tactics work on me as well

By Andrew Starkie It seemed like a good idea at the time. When Daff made the pre-series call for volunteers to write daily Ashes reports, I thought, yup, sounds easy.  I put my hand up for Saturday at Lord’s, marked the date on the calendar and looked forward to a relaxing evening in front of [Read more]

Local Footy: My bump felt brilliant but I still need bread

By Captain Cupcake I really like bread, and over the years I’ve been able to refine my bread-making to something of an art.  My preferred loaf is a 1:2 wholemeal/white combination, dense with sesame, poppy, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.  To maintain my playing weight, I’ve been known to eat a loaf in a day.  Bread [Read more]

Second Test — Day 2: The Aussies have a disastrous day and I lose my flag

By Ben Jensen To say myself and the lovely wife were looking forward to today at Lord’s is an understatement.  Last year we lived a stone’s throw from the ground and vowed to do anything possible to get to the Ashes Test.  Anything – even sign up to be a member of the England’s Supporters [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: A quarter at a time

By John Mosig What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie. The invertebrates around at the Star Chamber have been busy counting the angels dancing on the head of a pin again.  Jordan Lewis’s swift jab to Mr Potato Head’s solar plexus earned a severe ‘don’t do it again’ from the adjudicators at the highest [Read more]

Book Launch: The Danihers by Adam McNicol

Ladies and gentlemen,   For any fans of the Bombers, a good yarn or a few mid-week beers, this is the function for you!   It also doubles as the launch of a very fine book, which the Daniher boys and I have put together over the past 18 months or so.   Be great to [Read more]

Local Footy: All rivalries change, even the very strongest ones

By Paul Daffey A few years ago, I was researching a story on rivalries in local footy and I consulted that treasure trove of footy knowledge Rod Gillett for background on Echuca and Rochester. Rocket, who spent part of his childhood in both towns (he likes country and western), passed on some gems of information, [Read more]

Jones Files: George Ogilvie, ex-Echuca and Rochester, a true Bendigo league great

By Richard Jones ECHUCA’S between-the-wars centre half-forward George Ogilvie rates as one of the greatest players the Bendigo league has seen. Amazing as it might seem, Ogilvie didn’t start playing in the BFL until he was 29. He’d seen service in World War 1, played with Richmond in the VFL and Port Melbourne in the [Read more]

Weekend Read: Hawk Thorp carries flag for bold men of Ross

By Paul Daffey Hawthorn’s Mitch Thorp is known to have a swagger. Even in these injury-stricken times, when he’s battling mishaps that will keep him out for the rest of the season, he’s known to have confidence, a certain way about him, like a bronco rider who rides his luck.

General Footy Writing: The Saints will win this season and every season for decades, so cop that, Pete

Pete, Well can I remember the day we ventured to Moorabbin to witness Bluey McKenna dog it and faint at the sight of Plugger shrugging off his tenuous hold of his right arm .I saw the stretcher pass us with McKenna’s bruised body but still smiling face as he contemplated the ensuing six weeks that [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Could Liam Jurrah be as exciting as Jeff Farmer?

By Steve Healy Liam Jurrah, the 20-year old high flyer from the outback, has been awarded this week’s Rising Star nomination after kicking eight goals in his four games and taking some spectacular marks. Last week, against Port Adelaide, Jurrah kicked three goals in the first quarter and four for the match, giving the Demon [Read more]