Other coaching upheavals


by Rick Newbery

Actually, it’s hard to justify calling the removal of Tim Nielsen an upheaval, esp in comparison with the ongoing Ross Lyon saga – seeing as the only heaving up from most cricket followers would have happened if Timbo had NOT been given the bum’s rush straight after Hilditch.

But who should replace him? Warnie? Steve Waugh? Deano? Mick Malthouse (come on, it’s a vacant coaching job, his name has to come up – it’s the Law!)

Mind you, someone like Pim Verbeek has the recommendation ‘he couldn’t be any worse’. Likewise Mark Latham. Has anybody checked out if the Neil Kinnock tub of lard is available?

Any other bright ideas?


  1. What are the ACB offering? Ross has a 3 month ‘get out’ clause at Freo? His Manager says he could be on board for the Boxing Day Test.
    Hang on a minute – the phone’s ringing. Ex Manager.

  2. Rick
    Interesting comments from Michael Clarke regarding any new coach.
    Clarke says he would expect to have a say in the appointment (and
    is agitating for Steve Rixon).

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