Now that you’ve heard of Mason Cox

The obvious headlines have all had a run (“Big Cox…”, “American Pie…”).

And after an Anzac Day debut, a handy mark and goal with his first kick in the league, it’s fair to say more of us are aware of Mason Cox now that was the case last month.

Here’s an article on US politics by the man himself, published at the AFL Players Association website.
“The Trump Circus from afar.”



  1. Top stuff. Very clever and accessible summary, Mason. Could be a candidate to write the Almanac book intro this year.
    Promise not to boo you at Subi on Sunday, Mason (well less than the other Magpie scum).

  2. I’m impressed. In one article he has challenged two long held stereotypes. An American who can think ! A person linked to Collingwood who can think !

    Keep up the good work Mason.


  3. Mulcaster says

    Well thought out article and well worth reading.

  4. Earl O'Neill says

    Sharp, analytical, sense of humour. Onya, lad.

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Glen! Can I tweet that quote? Great line. Good stuff Mason. Gives stereotypically dopey big blokes hope in the process.

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