My Footy Rulebook for Learning

In my match report, I had not knowledge of the kick in rules so was not able to comment on last quarter’s play on decision by the umpire at the Hawks vs Saints game.

On Monday evening, Facebook pages made me furious. Andrew Stephens’ Twitter cover photo was a Hawthorn banner for the 2014 Grand Final. Then learning him banned my favourite radio personality Mark Finey on Twitter added the anger fuel.

The umpire should take a responsibility even though the result stays a three-point loss to St Kilda. In other words, Stephens should take Finey’s comments. His behaviours reflect his unprofessional, in my opinion. Or is social media not the place to discuss such issues? Did Finey have to make a formal written complaint?

Then I googled the kick in rules. If the ball is kicked with travelling 15 metres and caught, the mark is recorded. Then I understand what the issue was.

Joey kicked the ball from the Hawthorn goal posts and Dempster caught the ball that seemed to travel at least 15 metres. But Stephens called play on and the ball was kicked towards Savage. He was called play on again and got confused and was tackled by Puopolo. The ball was dropped off and Lewis picked to score a goal.

To be honest, I wish Dempster and Savage would have been given marks. This controversial decision costs us four points.

But could St Kilda get four points back? No sadly.

It is only added in my footy rules textbook. Now I know how marks are given to players.

Mick Malthouse would speak up about the issues towards media. But our man Alan Richardson expresses that it does not matter. Instead he shows disappointment on missing the opportunity to win the close game. And on the other hand, he wants young players to take lessons.

I do not like Stephens’ decisions, but focusing on scoring more goals is important to win.

Keeping in mind rather than speaking up will create more efforts on the footy field, I reckon and hope. Our boys will answer on the ground at the weekend.

What is going on Fremantle?

Fremantle are struggling with winning in 2016. No one believes it happens.

Attacking footy dominates in many games this year.

Ross Lyon’s defensive game plans do not work out under such fashions, I reckon.

Discussing with a Bluebagger today, Lyon’s old players are reasons why they are winless this season.

Lyon does not listen to experts’ advice – introducing attacking footy and blooding kids.

I look forward to seeing Dockers at Round 10 at Docklands and my boys showing attacking footy in front of our former coach.

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