My favourite Cox Plates

The Cox Plate has been my favourite race for as long as I can remember. To me it was always the culmination of the best of the best weight-for-age horses getting it on!!
Loved Surround (though she only beat another 3YO in Unaware), was on So Called and Rubiton but these are my top 10. Like most top 10s, it is entirely subjective. Some may have been elevated due to punting successes on the day. While I can understand many surprised by the omission of Bonecrusher (1986), the field was extremely poor that year and I don’t rate him (or Our Waverley Star) at the level of those named below.

1982 Kingston Town
1979 Dulcify
1999 Sunline
2001 Northerly
1996 Saintly
2005 Makybe Diva
1998 Might And Power
2000 Sunline
2002 Northerly
1992 Super Impose


  1. Skip of Skipton says

    1992 had everything. Five three year-olds among the full high-quality field of 14. The fave and two others losing the rider. Big Let’s Elope barging her way to the front before just getting pipped by old Super on the line. Then the fifth (BLU) protesting successfully against Let’s Elope etc..

    Northerly’s first one, and “Kingston Town can’t win’ rightfully high on your list.

  2. 23 October 1982…..30 years ago today.
    The rest are running for minor prizemoney.

  3. Got to be Kingston Town and the call of Bill Collins. However sentimentally Super Impose as friends had a share in it

  4. I see Gai went for barrier 11 when she got first crack at the barrier draw for More Joyous. A couple of years ago, she was left a sitting shot for So You Think who gave her the eyeball and powered away.

    Interesting watching replays of old Cox Plates (as you do!). On every occasion where there was a close margin, the winner was the horse on the extreme outside; the last horse on the scene-
    Makybe Diva, Northerly x2, Saintly, Octagonal, Super Impose, Surfers Paradise, Kingston Town (82), Bonecrusher, etc.
    Dane Ripper is the only one I can remember who got up on the inside to win.

  5. Budge,

    Great idea, the Cox plate Top 10. If you’re human, you put Kingson Town’s ’82 win on top. Only the android that had that weird shit pop out of his guts in the original Alien movie would not be left with an indelible impression of that win.

    Surround and Dulcify’s wins are also on constant cranial replay.

    I’ve had a few wins in the race, none of them Brian Martin’s Moustache Of Omagh. Backed Surfers from memory, but I’ve nearly spent those winnings.

    Skip of Skipton has unfortunately activated a bad memory with his recollection of Supers 92 win. Remember I had the trifecta before the protest and on your advice went to Manikato’s MV Memorial site to pray for it to be dismissed. Sadly it wasn’t, but Let’s Elope skittled BLU and it was rightly upheld. Shit, BLU might have been stiff not to win. Thank god Sawyer got the tri in a $3 boxed. Still remember him rubbing it in on the phone that night at your place.

  6. Pleased to see you’re over it Elvis.

    We might be in for a good race this year as years ending in 2 have provided some classics:
    2002: Northerly
    1992: Super Impose
    1982: Kingston Town
    1972: Gunsynd

  7. Just saw the 1992 replay again. BLU should definitely have won. But then, if Naturalism hadn’t fallen…..

  8. Naturalism would have won

  9. Budge,

    I’ve gone a King Delamere. Backed Malabar Man (By Any Given Saturday) to win the only Derby at $61. Had his first of 2 starts in a 1736m race. Stays like Mole at a card game. Reckon if wins will be considerably shorter. Hasn’t shown any real class yet, but he’ll get the 2500.

  10. Skip of Skipton says

    Some fantastic odds on offer courtesy of Waterhouse’s trio. I’ve been a Green Moon fan all along, but will be having a few bob on Shoot Out at 30s also. Hopefully Glass Harmonium sets a solid clip.

  11. Ripsnorter says

    Rubiton’s Cox Plate was memorable becuase of the way it was run with Vo Rogue out by about 8 and then tidal light another 10 in front of third, Think Vo may have won with a better ride – good field that year too:

    1987 – Rubiton, Our Poetic Prince, Fair Sir, Vo Rogue, Beau Zam, Midnight Fever, Marwong, Kappstad, Tidal Light, Campaign King, High Regard, Drought

    I remember when Naturalism won the vase easily as a 3 year old on the same day as the Cox Plate in 1991, jockey ( think it was Oliver ) said I think we were in the wrong 2040 race today and then 1992 fell when coasting so can count himself unlucky not to have been a winner.

    My impression of that great era of the cox plate was the pressure on from a long way out setting up the race for the swoopers – often seems to be a sit and sprint these days which can provide more dissapointing results at times.

  12. Where’s the pace coming from this year?

  13. Ripsnorter says

    Gai choosing barrier 11 for More Joyous may suggest she will lead, maybe with Piero up front and try and control the race for both of them to have a shot at it, you would think Green Moon and and glass harmonium will be up in the first four also. So many of these would like to sit third or forth with cover that the first 300 should be very interesting indeed in who is a chance or not.

    The barrier decision by Gai was one of the more bizarre decisions I have ever heard.

  14. Was Maldivian’s Plate the worst field in memory?

  15. 2001 was awesome, exhilarating and then some a protest and northerly , what a gutsy, brilliant champion he was. He looke beaten on the turn, but he still got up. What a star he was.

  16. captain goodvibes says

    Despite his other outstanding victories I think Northerly’s greatest win was in the 2001 Feehan Stakes (1600) at Mooney Valley when Sunline kicked 3 lengths clear on the turn, and Geg Miles almost did a Bill Collins and said he was under pressure. Understandable as he was tracking wide on the tight turn and Sunline was flying. I was reminded of Kinston Town’s 1982 Cox Plate when Northerly grew wings on his feet down the short straight to mow her down easily. No horse had ever done that to Sunline before and he was to go on to do it to her in two Cox Plates. If champions are measured by the horses they beat rather than the races they won then Northerly’s efforts to run down Sunline in all 3 clashes must be recognised. Even Kinston Town didn’t have to beat the reigning champion (Dulcify had broken down) to win his Cox Plates

  17. Great points Captain. I rank the Feehan win alongside his Caulfield Cup with top-weight beating Fields Of Omagh as his best wins.

  18. Ninety Two and Seventy Nine are all time faves here. Super Impose and Dulcify _ So You Think Sunline Red Anchor Surround Battle Heights also deserve a thought.

  19. Thanks Rubicon for your strangely belated comments, Does the time stamp tell the story? Trawling old Almanac stories in the early morning.

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