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Remember Planking? The craze where people lay prone in unusual places. The Ice-bucket challenge? Where people poured ice over themselves then nominated someone else to do it. Then last year there was another craze, but who can remember it. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday without keeping up with those crazy shenanigans.


Well the Australian cricket team have been trending a new craze: its called Collapsing.


It looks like this.


Take the ‘best’ cricketers in the country. Put them in an ‘un-losable’ position, take away the opposition’s best fast bowler, throw a part-time spinner at them on a pitch that doesn’t turn and sit back and watch the carnage. Hey Presto: COLLAPSE. Coming soon, the board game, APP, game show. Lets all follow CA’s lead and get on board. COLLAPSE.
Mr. Reliable. If Mike Hussey was Mr. Cricket, then Shaun Marsh is the dependable one. At any stage of the game where some spine is needed and we need a batsman to dig in and show resilience, he can be relied on to fold up his back bone, take out any resolve he has and feed it to the pigeons, and go home. His big scores are made once the heat has gone out of the game. As a partner to someone else taking the lead he appears to survive. But once he’s required to take the lead or show responsibility he immediately folds. As Warner’s foil he’s fine. Once he’s left to his own devices he’s hopeless. He still waves his bat around like Harry Potter. His defence to a straight ball is the cross bat sweep. I often think he’s trying to get out and is more surprised when he isn’t.


Why are we still selecting him? Who’s to blame? Well, all state cricketers who refuse to post decent Shield scores so that we don’t have to select this spud any more, that’s who.


The Editor


NB The Editor wrote his views on S Marsh before he broke his little finger and is out of Test cricket for a few matches. The Chairman.


  1. yes he is like Marcus NOrth. got some talent, but not when you need it.

  2. I have a bit more faith in Shaun Marsh than I do a few of those blokes impersonating Aussie batsmen in Hobart yesterday.

  3. Middle Australia says

    There were two sides out there yesterday, but only one was playing cricket (with thanks to Paul Kelly)

    The Chairman

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