Manning Clark Cricket Dinner and Lecture 2012



  1. My apologies for not being able to be present at this hallmark Almanac event.I am currently undertaking research on Baroque Architects in the Mediterranean Region and the relative merits of Italian Beer. Being a Manning Clark fan and a cricket tragic (in the true sense of the word) I would like to ask Ed the following Question:

    “given the pre-eminent position of Tasmania on the Sheffield Shield table and the position of NSW, coupled with the fact that the Test team will be comprised of more Apple Islanders than New South Welshmaeh, does Ed believe that NSW, which has long exploited other states in recruiting players from elsewhere (e.g. Miller AND Harvey) will launch an aggressive recruitment campaign forthwith and has he been approached?

    Bob Speechley

  2. Bob, I think you should give next year’s lecture. I can see it being referred to ever after as the Speechley speech.

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