Your thoughts on (during) Japan v Australia

Love to hear your observations of this World Cup qualifier.


  1. Peter Flynn says


  2. Gotta love the round ball game.

    Decided to watch the last 10 minutes AND SAW IT ALL.

    One-one to the Oz-Tra-Lya.

  3. Will the coloured pipe cleaner hat catch on with Afl fans?

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    What a game. Socceroos played at their absolute best against a quality opponent in front of a packed, one eyed home crowd. Mark Schwarzer at 40 is keeping goal as well as ever. Former A-Leaguers Matt Mackay and Tommy Oar were superb. We were outplayed by a better team but almost won. Very valuable point gained from this match.

  5. Only if you model it, Matty Q.

  6. Rick Kane says

    Damn! Oar’s goal was a beauty. We had it in our grasp. It’s a cruel game.

  7. Ian Syson says

    MOC. You didn’t see it all. You missed most of it.

  8. Where are all our young guns?

    Pay G Ablett $400 million to change codes and we might win the World Cup.

  9. Ian

    Great to see u back prowling this site for anti round ball sentiment. Always entertaining.

  10. Wasn’t necessarily meant to be “anti round ball sentiment” – just a description of the 10 minutes of amazing drama I managed to catch.

    At the risk of lobbing you a waste-high full toss (another round ball game), Ian, what did I miss? I have watched a number of gritty Australian defensive efforts over the years, and while they are always gripping, they can be slightly frustrating in their lack of meaningful forward advances by the underdog.

  11. MOC – stop being apologetic. Soccer is a crap game with flashes of brilliance.

  12. MOC, standard-issue Almanac breast-plates and helmets are now available. I offered them to Ian 35 years ago but, from memory, I don’t think he took them.

  13. Round ball game is all about suspense and tension (and hopefully release). I thought the unrelenting tension really showed as no one was commenting until after the game, unless the Knackers weren’t watching? And no, we don’t have a world class forward as yet, which gets you to the top.

  14. JTH, thanks for the offer, but I think the non-apologetic Dips may have ripped the poison chalice from my grasp!

  15. Rick Kane says

    What did you miss? Just prior to that 10 mins you’re refering to there was 30 mins of dominance by Japan and their gun Honda looking like he was going to goal a half a dozen times, being held off by a great (and ageing) Aussie defence time and time again. That was as gripping as the game got. Then Oar goaled and one form of tension turned into another even more acute type of tension. Edge of the seat stuff for at least an hour.

  16. Honda and the demise of Australian manufacturing. Our players need more protection. What about a 2 goal start for home games?
    I don’t think we should be letting those Jordanian and Iraqi boat people in.
    Its time to turn the goals around.

  17. Father Rooster says

    As cricket continues its abysmal run, Australia v Japan will be ‘the’ rivalry in Australian sport before too long…

  18. Rick Kane says – For MOC, a minute by minute account of Australia’s best showing so far in the Qualifying Round leading up to the biggest and best competition in the world – the Football World Cup!

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