Okay so I was thinking about, the whole Jack might be going to Freo thing and I guess maybe it’s not THAT bad. While I know it means that id have to kinda-sorta adopt Freo as my second team, a photo I found of myself kinda made me realise that it’s not going to be THAT bad, sorta-kinda half barracking for Freo IF Jack goes there.

Before I talk about the photo let me also highlight the other reason why it’s not going to be a horror if Jack becomes a Docker.

Exhibit A- Chris Tarrant

We all remember the deal that sent Tazza packing for Freo in a swap to secure Paul Medhurst. I was in year 8 Maths when I was looking at the clock knowing that the deal was done and I was bloody excited to have Medhurst in stripes. Truth be told I was crushing on him and would watch Freo games just to get a glimpse of him, so when he became was a Magpie I was ecstatic. Fast forward- one premiership later Medders has hung up the boots as a treasured and beloved Magpie and Tarrant demands to be dressed in black and white stripes again. What I’m trying to say is- in a few years we may be getting Jack back too. Magpies don’t like to stray from their rightful nest for too long.

Going through the family photo albums you are always due to find lots of baby photos, school photos and the odd picture of you and Travis Cloke when you were 12 years old-Lol. One photo however, kinda made me realise that being a Docker– sorta-kinda might not be bad. This photo is of a 2 year-old Danni dressed in a sailor suite- that’s right photo evidence of me dressed as a little Docker/sailor and the funny thing is I make a pretty cute sailor too! Although im sure Phantom will argue that I’ve got navy blue and white hoops on my outfit, I have even checked with mum who confirmed that it is a fact a sailor/Docker outfit! So yeah ive come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t really be too bad to have a soft spot for Freo because of the Jack thing.

hello sailor

– now if only I could find that damned photo of me in a Carlton scarf when I was 5, THAT type of evidence NEEDS to be destroyed.

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  1. Go west young lady, go west.

    Geelong is west of Melbourne is it not? Plenty of freak’n f’rocious feline frillies down that way. Competition is a very good thing they say.

    (You should have put the snap in the Almanac – cute)

  2. Danni!!! (I was gonna call you Maria, but then imagined the kinds of looks I’d get: people would think me a sad, confused individual)

    That is an ADORABLE photo!!! It was alluding to your future relationship with the Dockers = liking Medders, getting him. Losing Jack to them (hopefully only temporarily!!!)

    Crossing my fingers that he ends up at Freo!! (or Geelong, we’re always hopeful of finding a forward)


  3. ^ that girl’s obviously a sad, confused individual.

    Danni, I think your spot on when you say Jack might come home. Hope he does for your sake.

    I can just imagine Mick or Bucks printing out that photo and putting it up on the whiteboard in the Collingwood changerooms, saying “This is who we’re trying to win this game for!” Or something along those lines..

  4. Phantom- You never know, if the Cats get him im glady ‘sorta/kinda’ go for them :)
    Like Maria said Jack and Mooney in the same team? yayyyyy :)
    lol i cant imagine having used that as my Almanac picture- id be like , gee girls are getting engaged VERY young these days!

    Maria- lol dont worry ill do it so ur not alone :) thanks for all ur support during the jack drama.

    Josh- Hahahhah!!! :D lol ur a funny one, now i cant get that image out of my head- lol!!

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