Let’s blame the Supermoon! (Now with a coda)

I, along with supporters of the following, should blame the supermoon for our unexpected 2016 failures – or at least the fact that the moon decided this was the year to get so close to our planet:

Sydney Swans in AFL
Melbourne Storm NRL
Cleveland Indians in World Series Baseball
The teams participating in English Soccer to enable Leicester City to win the championship
The Rangers in the Scottish FA Cup Final
The Hornetts in America’s National Basketball Assoc.
Novak Djokovic US Men’s Open Final
Angelique Kerber Aust Open Women’s Tennis Final
University of Queensland in Queensland Premier Rugby
And, to a lesser extent, because a trophy was not at stake, the Springboks in Rugby Union Four Nations and the All Blacks in Rugby Sevens at the Olympics.
The Australian Cricket Team looks as if it should be added to this list.

Then there will be the losers in political parties the world over, including of course, the one whose name springs readily to mind in this current climate: the would-be first female President of that reeling country.

The winners, mostly against all conceivable odds, will rejoice, and hail the supermoon:

The Western Bulldogs AFL
Cronulla Sharks NRL
Chicago Cubs WSB
Leicester City in the soccer
Hibernian in the Scottish FA Cup
Cleveland’s Cavaliers in the NBA
Stan Wawrinka US Men’s Open Tennis
Serena Williams Aust Open Women’s Tennis
Brothers in Queensland Premier Rugby
Japan and Ireland in defeating the highly fancied Springboks and All Blacks in Rugby
And Andy Murray will, no doubt, be a happy tennis player, now recognised as No 1.

To say nothing of the man called Trump.

What a year of upsets. Surely it has to be the supermoon? If you don’t believe me, you could always just blame climate change!

ps I haven’t even considered the hundreds, probably thousands of highly improbable wins throughout the world this year – particularly in sport – so maybe we can compile an Almanac list?



Clouds came rolling in in Sydney at about 5pm on Monday. Went out at 7pm to see what we could see, but nothing.  Went out at 8.30 and saw a bit of a moon through some trees, but not significant enough for a photo.

So have created my own Supermoon. Design done by Julie Cattlin:

Jans Supermoon

About Jan Courtin

A Bloods tragic since first game at Lake Oval in 1948. Moved interstate to Sydney to be closer to beloved Swans in 1998. My book "My Lifelong Love Affair with the Swans" was launched by the Swans at their headquarters at the SCG in August 2016. www.myswansloveaffair.com


  1. Women’s French Open Final (tennis): Garbine Muguruza defeating Serena 7-5, 6-4.
    VRC Oaks (horse-racing): Lasqueti Spirit saluting at 120/1.

  2. Any of these were stand-outs, Jan.
    To see them ALL in one year is pretty extraordinary.
    A good one for calculators of probability, independent v dependent events, etc.
    Supermoon? You couldn’t rule it out.

    No surprise that 2016 looms as the hottest year on record.
    But maybe that is also related?
    Perhaps we’ve passed some threshold?

  3. Ireland rugby team defeated New Zealand a couple of weeks ago.
    In Chicago.
    First win over the All Blacks in 111 years.
    The Irish Times worth a read
    “As Rory Best declared in his on-field post-match interview at a rowdy Soldier Field in Chicago, it’s been a long time coming. Just the 111 years, that’s all. But at last, that black stain in Irish rugby has been removed, with a first ever victory over the All Blacks in 29 attempts.”

  4. Ed Carmine says:

    As somebody who has spent the past couple of seasons compiling fan’s tales of a number of these teams, 2016 has thrown a few tacks under my projects tires.

  5. Hi Jan,

    I can’t find any other upset to mention here, but am surprised how Australian cricket team is playing against South Africa.



  6. jan courtin says:

    Thanks one and all
    I didn’t get round to watching the French Open, so missed that one, and I have absolutely no idea about horse racing, so didn’t enter my mind to look at the odds there.

    I think I confused myself a bit regarding Ireland and the All Blacks. I was thinking of that win when I compiled the list but somehow I’ve put it down to Rugby Sevens!! I’ll have to check it out – maybe it happened twice? Thanks for the links – very interesting.

    And thanks Ed and Yoshi

  7. Does the Supermoon explain the dismal performance by Australia’s cricketers ?


  8. I blame it on the Year of the Monkey.

    Tottenham beat Man United at White Hart Lane first time since 2001, also Iceland defeating England at Euro 2016.

  9. jan courtin says:

    Why not, Glen? Thanks
    And, Dave, the year of the Fire Monkey could well explain why the favourites all lost. Believers are supposed to: “Move slippers and shoes indoors before going to bed, to protect them from the thieving hands of evil spirits.” All players in all losing teams obviously left their footwear outdoors.

    And believers are not supposed to: “Allow babies to cry on New Year’s Day. The sound is believed to bring bad luck, so infants are fastidiously placated.” Nor are they supposed to: “Beg in any way. Bad habits forged in the New Year set the tone for the entire year.” There must have been a lot of crying babies to shut up, in between begging in whatever form!

    What is 2017 the year of?

  10. a mighty swan took flight
    on that supermoon rendevouz
    she caught sight
    of the woman
    named Jan
    she landed
    her typewriter keys
    she played her tune
    the mighty swan
    on that

  11. jan courtin says:

    That’s fun, Polly! Many thanks

  12. That is really funny, Jan. I laughed out loud at your supermoon! Great stuff.
    Cheer cheer

  13. Pretty sure West Ham broke a couple of long standing droughts, beating Liverpool at Anfield, first time in years and also Man U ??.

  14. jan courtin says:

    Thanks Marcel and Noel
    I really need to get my act together when it comes to soccer; not very knowledgeable, so thanks for the update.

  15. I like your thinking Jan! I was looking for an excuse for the Swans GF demise and you have the perfect answer. Now I just have to work on a reason for 2014….global warming perhaps?

  16. jan courtin says:

    Our 2014 demise was no doubt a combination of global warming, global misalignment, Victorian sentimentality and dislike of Sydney, Hawthorn’s revenge, the Swans being the favourite, and our complete inability to play the game of footy that day! If only we could believe the “excuses”!

    Thanks Ross

    Cheer cheer

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