Legs ‘n’ Leggins

by Anne Fedorowytsch

The Norwood Football Club has made SANFL history by becoming the first club to launch an exclusive female membership.

The move comes off the back of a successful 2010 season under new coach Nathan Bassett where the league side finished runner up in the grand final.

So far 80 women have signed up to the Legs ‘n’ Leggins membership at a cost of $70 each.

Memberships entitlements include those of general members, ranging from a free scarf to voting rights and a gift and invitation to a Ladies Day pre-match function.

Melissa Ellery, Corporate Operations Manager at Norwood Football Club, said the club wants to cater to everyone and have a point of difference.

She also emphasises the need for women to feel part of the club.

“There are a lot of women involved in football and we just wanted to make them a part of it and they’re not just getting dragged along with their husbands,” she said.

“It’s not all about men drinking beer at the football – it’s a bit of something for everyone.”

Ms Ellery said Norwood is focused on serving its members in the best way possible instead of having everyone in one general membership grouping.

“We’ve got the female members so we’re just starting to service them better basically,” she said.

Despite not introducing a men’s only membership the Redlegs have not received any backlash from male supporters.

The club believes it already provide a service to support a young male demographic.

“There’s a Coopers Club membership which, anyone can be in, but it is a beer sponsored membership targeted at 18-35 year olds,” Ms Ellery said.

The Redlegs have so far had a successful membership campaign for the 2011 season securing just over 3100 paying supporters.

Legs ‘n’ Leggins kicked off the season with a cocktail party at men’s clothing store Ivy League on The Parade.

The event was attended by approximately 50 guests and included a fashion parade involving a small group of Norwood players.

Ms Ellery said such events offered a different taste of football for female fans.

“People enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the house and it didn’t mean you were gone for four hours watching a game of football,” she said.

“You’re just out for half an hour.”

She also said functions allowed women to socialise together.

“A lot of people are actually just good friends through football so now it (the membership) gives them another outlet to meet,” Ms Ellery said.

Sue Hutchison, 62, of Clarence Park has signed up as a Leg ‘n’ Leggins member and attended the group’s first event.

She said that the new membership category will entice more females to the football.

“Women are a big part of football,” Mrs Hutchison said.

“They have sons, grandsons, relations that play (football), and men just love football so much,” she said.

“I just think it’s good for the women to be a part of it as well.”


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