Junior Footy – Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Ashburton: The moon’s a balloon, again

Photo: Charlotte White


Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Ashburton


Alfred Crescent (home)


8:30 am


by Theo Harms



IT WAS COLD. REALLY COLD. The moon was sinking below the horizon. It was big, round and smooth, impossible to miss just above the trees.


Q1: When the siren sounded, no one ran very fast, because it was TOO COLD! We won the toss and were kicking to the playground end. Johnny started the game really well – he ran around a lot.


Ashburton were going good and were hard to get past. They blocked off any goals we tried to kick and as the ball came back it ended up going through the behinds.


Q2: Marlo was in the ruck the whole game and I did not see him lose a tap. We had started to warm up and were starting to speed up too. We had finally managed to kick a goal. The scores were 1-2 to 1-2 (along the way). After a few more minutes both teams had scored a goal and a behind, so we were still even. We scored again.


Q3: H had started to break through Ashburton’s tackles and was soon free running with the footy. That allowed us to lead out and receive a kick and get the ball into our forward line, but they were really good defenders. At the end of the quarter, we had booted a few straight kicks through the goals.


Fourth quarter = BEST QUARTER EVER!!!!!!!!! We tapped the ball straight from the ruck, blasted it down the scoring zone, and through the two grand goal posts. And then just … repeat that about 9 or 10 times! As the last siren sounded the scores (definitely not even) were 13-3-81 to 2-3-15!


Because it was Mothers’ Day, Roman’s mum Lucy had baked everyone’s mum a cupcake. It was also Joey’s birthday so after we sang the Fitzroy song we also sang happy birthday to Joey.


Fitzroy Under 10-3            13.3.81
Ashburton                            2.3.15


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Thanks also to Lucy Moxon from Lucia Melbourne Hair for sponsoring the Roys’ Mothers’ Day Recovery


  1. Outstanding Theo. I think the MCG should have a “playground end” just like your football oval has.

  2. Dips, note the Playground End in the distance. Just a pity I didn’t take a snap of the setting 10am moon. It was superb. Theo’s very observant when it comes to celestial bodies.

  3. Great stuff Theo. Brought back 50 year old memories of frosty mornings playing Junior Colts on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. I hated how the frozen hard ball would bend back my fingers. I would put my hands under my (wool) jumper to keep them warm when the ball was at the other end.
    Keep training and playing hard. The Cats need you.

  4. Rulebook says

    Loved it Theo and yes 8.30 starts can be freezing as the umpire still track suit pants and jumper on
    love the line re q 3 at the end of the quarter,we had booted a few straight kicks thru the goals !
    If you could get Norwood and the Crows do that on a consistent basis that would be greatly appreciated

  5. Rod Oaten says

    Great report Theo, loved reading it.

  6. Pamela Sherpa says

    Long sleeved jumpers are just the thing for those cold mornings Thei . The moon certainly was spectacular last week and you were up early to see it!

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