Junior Almanac: Know your karate

by Anthony Ahtypis


Karate is a Martial Art that was known at its earliest in 3400 BC and originally created in Ryukyu Kingdom and Japan. Kihon (basic moves), Kata (compilation of moves) and Kumite (sparring). Karate is a great sport to compete in as it’s also a great sport to learn to defend yourself, follow tradition and help gain confidence.



Karate is full of competitions from just starting out to world class. It has two forms – Kata and Kumite. In kata you compete your best Katas and try to win. In Kumite you spar to get points out of one, two or three point moves. There are three forms of Kumite; full contact, semi contact and light contact.



Karate is the most known Martial Art to learn to defend you. Recently a young woman was attacked in Skye near Frankston. She bet him up when he pinned her to the ground. Karate is one of the best Martial Arts to learn to defend yourself from bullies; enemies or someone pushes you to far.



As I said before Karate was originally created in the year 3400 BC in Japan and Ryukyu Kingdom. Karate is spoken in mostly Japanese and the stances, blocks and strikes are all in Japanese. ?? means Karate in Japanese, ?? also means empty hand.



In Karate you need confidence and trust in others around you. Karate builds your confidence to make you trust the people your sparing against not to knock you out. You also need to be confident that you won’t hurt the other person. Karate builds up your confidence by teaching you how to defend yourself and then it makes you confident as you get better and do more competition.


  1. Steve Hodder says

    a very interesting and insightful piece to read, especially where the name comes from; kara (open) te (hand) no weapons at all? Omoshiroi!



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