Joe Posnanski – Chicago Cubs and the Wonder of Game 7: “Oh my God”

Last week’s Game 7 World Series win by the Chicago Cubs over the Cleveland Indians was a classic moment in time.


For so long, so much could they? should they? will they? won’t they?
So much history.
So much baggage.
The story. So many stories. Pop culture and human drama.


Let the words of NBC Sports national columnist Joe Posnanski – and Clevelander –  lift you, take you, to the scene.
“But even now, in the misty aftermath of that four-hour-and-28-minute psychedelic trip that was Game 7 between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, we can say this without hesitation: No game in the long history of this sport or perhaps any other inspired more people to shout (or text or tweet or whisper) the phrase, “Oh my God!” so many times…”


The Wonder of Game 7



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