Jobe Watson to hand back the Brownlow Medal

Much speculation, opinion has been shared on the vexed topic of Jobe Watson and the Brownlow Medal of 2012.


Today Jobe Watson announced that he has chosen to hand it back.


His statement appears here at the Essendon Football Club site.


How does that tally with your world view?

Read JTH’s “The Brownlow Winner” from 2012, via The Age in 2009.


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  1. Bob Morrow says:

    Well done that man.

  2. What took him so long, That Man?

  3. He deserves a medal for that.

    Saved the AFL from having to make the decision, what went on in the background I wonder.

  4. Dave Brown says:

    Yep, the Commission’s cowardice was rewarded today by Jobe making the decision they should’ve the moment the appeal was chucked out in Switzerland. Not a difficult decision. At all

  5. feel sorry for him but a no brainer

    now, will they award one to Mitchell and Cotch? first Tiger medal since Stewie…

  6. Yep pathetic by the afl commission no leadership by them what so ever as the whole sorry saga has been with no one standing up to Hird and Dank at least,Woewodin will have a date re Cotchin for the Brownlow from now on

  7. Jobe Watson’s gesture is honorable. Essendon has finally accepted responsibilty – about time.

  8. You would have thought the AFl – with GPS – could have found the road to Damascus a lot sooner, Jobe too. I found it pretty easily in my 1982 Melways by just looking up the index.

  9. Watson should keep his Medal. Hird should be stripped of his. Watson and the other players are naive victims of fraud, ego and negligence perpetrated by Hird and Dank.

  10. I can’t figure out why it was Jobe Watson’s decision to make. It was inevitable that he must lose it.

  11. C’mon Mr B; say what you really mean. It’s not like you. We’re not used to it.

    And Dips, the only question here is the technology. With GPS, why did it take Jobe so long to find the Road to Damascus? (You saying his moral compass wasn’t up to the job Wrap? – Ed)

    But isn’t this just where we came in? And isn’t it just so appropriate? The appalling football league stage managing a “look good” outcome with a tip off?

  12. Terrible for Jobe. I feel for him.
    But I cannot help but think that he was contacted in some way and offered the chance to the do the “honourable” thing before the inevitable commission decision.

  13. Three years too late re decision to hand it back. Watson as captain could and should have steppef up at the time. That he didn’t says a lot about him.

  14. Charlie wells says:

    I feel for Tim’s boy. I think above all it highlights the at all costs, by any means necessary, infection of the game. A full stop on the rorting of the Blues, the tanking of the Dees. The relentless horse trading and exploitation of young men, many still in bloom. Maybe it’s time for a revision of the fairest & best concept in the age of social media $aturation. The ALF suits have long thrown an eye to America, and they’ve once again had it poked. Barry Bonds is the home run king, noted with an astrisk. The argument being he still had to hit the ball and front the games. No one was satisfied but the record stood, as should Jobes. If for no other reason than to serve as a cautionary tale to young folks that when the BOSS says jump. You don’t say . ” How high,sir.” The one who should hand Charlie back is Hird. As long as it sits in his trophy cabinet it insults the 34 banned players, and Dr Charles Brownlows memory.

  15. Well said that man.

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