Inspiring story of Amanda Farrugia

Happy New Year to my good friends at the Almanac and our loyal readers! I hope the 2017 is a great year for all.

This year will be a big year for women’s footy because AFLW starts as their first year.

At the end of the year of the dogs, I listened to ABC Grand Stand where they featured a young woman GWS player.

The radio program featured how they got players and trained in a multicultural community.

It was inspiring and my thought came up with the conclusion that I should write for the Almanac.

But my preparations for my future plan and an English exam called TOEFL were priorities so I apologise for delivering this wonderful story so late.

To form a footy team, they gathered girls by attracting on Facebook and ladies handed up to play footy. Girls took new challenges, I can sense and find great.

Then they organised well for trainings and communication went well. Even the trainer who was interviewed on the program was impressed with Muslim girls for their passions and abilities to speak English.

The girls mix very well, I think.

Such great combination made the club be competitive. They are the top club in the competition held in Sydney.

After listening to the segment, I found a relevant story on their website.

Their recruit Amanda Farrugia is featured in the article.

As a physical education teacher at Paramatta high school, Farrugia knows what inspires young people.

Playing footy in the national competition is inspiring youths, and youngsters are encouraged and set high goals.

Also it would speak louder than with words to motivate not only girls but boys.

On a draft day, she was in the classroom and had a draft on the background. Both she and her students were excited when Amanda was called.

Then her students were supportive for their respected teacher with cheers and screams.

She also has done hardworking to convince youngsters to play AFL in the rugby league dominant state. Farrugia talked about AFL slowly at the classroom.

Despite her long working hours at high school, she is happy to have two jobs.

Sadly playing footy doesn’t provide enough money to live for lady footballers. I hope they can gain better money in the future.

Then more people need to support girls and attend the games.

Amanda is such an inspiring woman and I have to learn from her to achieve my goal to be a professional writer in the future. The path is not easy but I have never give up attitudes.

I wish all the best to Amanda and other female footballers.

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