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A few weeks ago we mentioned Ian Hauser who had just joined the Almanac throng and will be doing some editing and posting. Being from Up North – and specifically the Lockyer Valley (named many years ago, but the highway into was recently renamed The Darren Lockyer Way more recently) – Hauser (as he has been affectionately known for much of his life, or IJH) will be our rugby league editor.


An avid reader all his life, Ian has been involved in writing, editing and proofreading for over 25 years across fields such as family and school histories, biography and sport. He worked behind the scenes to collate and proofread The Rugby League Almanac 2012 and is currently a contributing co-editor of a collection of rugby league stories which we hope to publish – very much along the lines of Footy Town. He’s been an occasional writer on the Almanac site for a decade but is hoping to boost his average input this year.


Sport is in his genes but the family’s quota of talents and skills were given to his relatives! His cousin Rod Hauser was the wallabies half-back for some time. Rugby league, cricket and soccer are his staples but a stint in Adelaide gave him an appreciation of all things Australian Football. As a Queenslander, he bleeds Maroon but he balances the ledger by supporting the Bombers. His all-time favourite cricketer is Ian Redpath. The greatest regret of his sporting life is that he was never discovered as a commentator!


These days Ian provides a comprehensive editing service for aspiring writers. A retired secondary teacher, he’s at a stage of life where he has time available, a wealth of experience to draw on, a feel for people, words and stories, and a willingness to provide help to those who want to write but need a hand to get it right. His website, www.writerightediting.com.au, showcases his services as well as testimonials to his talents. Click on the link below to check it out.


Again, welcome to the Almanac squad, Ian.


Footnote: Why Ian Redpath? As a 10-year-old kid it was because he had the same first name as me. Confirmed when he made 97 on debut against South Africa. Cemented over the following decade or so when he became the ‘Mr Reliable’ cum go-to ‘Mr Fill-in-wherever-we-have-a-hole-in-the-batting-order’ of the Australian team. Everyone remembers Greg Chappell’s 106 on debut in Perth but holding it all together at the other end was I Redpath who made 177. He didn’t have the natural skills or charisma of his contemporaries, the Chappells, Walters, Lillee, Thommo, Marsh et al, but had guts, flint and refused to give his wicket away. He also played amateur AFL for Victoria. Case closed! (Maybe there’s an Almanac piece in there to try to start a search for The Unfashionables.)



  1. One of my first cricketing memories as a youngster was being taken by my father to Eden Park to see what must have been Aus v NZ, which soon became an Ian Redpath showpiece.

    It may have been the test where Greg Chapple paddled the streaker. But Redpath ruled the (almost) oval. To the young fellow I was, he just seemed unbeatable. He would have easily become a hero had it been possible to learn more about him (in those pre-internet days), but he never seemed to reappear again. I always wondered what his story was…

  2. Michael Jarick says

    Re Redpath: being a few years younger than Ian Hauser, Redpath was right at the start of my cricket appreciation, and a batsman whose memories are right at the edge of my recollection. I do remember enough to realize that his qualities seem less valued in the hit and giggle era.

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