Haiku Bob: round 13 – moon at every turn

magpies darting here and there

the moon

at every turn

beneath exploding

pinks and blues

Harry’s bursting run

bitter night Ball bundles his catch

full moon –

we have their forwards


Toovey arrives

at a moment unafraid

of his limitations

brief eclipse –

Didak shakes

his shadow loose

full moon Beams in space

winter night

Cloke lines up

my toes curl

Swans broken –

the cabernet’s tannins


About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. Rob,

    it wasn’t Swan that was broken from the Cabinet tanning it was Rudd’s hide if I remember correctly.

    Sorry to be so condescending to such fine work.


  2. johnharms says


    I imagine a lunar eclipse is ideal material insofar as your genre is concerned.

  3. haiku bob says


    my car doesn’t have a sunroof.
    it has a moon roof.

    eclipse –
    no matter where they go
    Presti’s shadow

  4. Andrew Fithall says


    I also enjoyed the phenomenon of a wine seeming to improve as the game progressed. Shiraz, rather than Cabernet, but remarkable nonetheless.

  5. Had the Swans prevailed would that have effected the whine.

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