Collingwood versus North Melbourne

Sunday July 10



Poolside, Borneo, club sandwich, beer.


Have just listened to the game via the internet.


My companion, Handsome Joe, international playboy and Magpie lover, is grinning from ear to ear.


I am shattered.  Not being at the ‘G is no consolation.


One of the worst days in the club’s recent history.  No.  Not ‘recent history’.  History.


Once again, bullied by a good team.  Intimidated.  Humiliated.  Decimated.


No belief.


No backbone.


We are still a long way away.


I hope the coach is ripping their heads off.


Nothing else to say.



  1. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Andrew, I thought of how pissed off you’d be in the last quarter. Trust me, you didn’t wanna be there to see them play like that. It was as insipid a North performance as I’ve ever seen. The Pies are a great team, but you can at least man up and make your opponent earn a kick.

  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    So near and yet so far- isn’t it amazing how teams can be so close and competitive some weeks and poles apart on others ? North weren’t the only team struggling to kick a decent score this weekend Andrew..

    Enjoy being at a distance for the week-If you’re drowning your sorrows -I hope the beer is at least cheap

  3. Richard Naco says

    There’s no appropriate words of consolation, but I hate being a supporter of my team in the company of any followers of clubs we are flogging or have just smashed. I thought that Scott (B)’s post game presser was outstandingly courageous, and my respect for him increased significantly.

    I hope your boys get their mojo back real fast.

  4. Magpie lovers are all “Handsome Joes” Andrew. You just have to look at the crowd. They are all cloned.

  5. Yes that is ‘cloned’ not clowned.

  6. Andrew, Borneo is not an inappropriate venue to use the term ‘rip their heads off’. Hope the Roos aren’t spoiling your break too much.

  7. Danielle says

    :( i was hoping North would hang on to make the game more interesting. Since when has Swallow been so lazy!?

  8. Wipe it from your memory. Most pissed off i’ve been with the club.

  9. You are only a spring chicken Josh.

    I had 44 years waiting for the Cats. I nearly ‘pissed’ the Pacific in that time.

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