Grand Final Eve Races

Courtesy of John Dunne – Geelong Racing Club

If you happen to be at the Geelong races tomorrow, you may detect a theme.

Top weight in each race will wear the specially designed Cat silks you see below.

Race Names for the meet will be as follows:

  1. Go Cats
  2. Cup Ambassador Tom Hawkins
  3. Chris Scott
  4. Cameron Ling
  5. No Back To Back Pies
  6. The Greatest Team Of All
  7. Good Luck Stevie J
  8. Centrebet GET ON The Cats


  1. David Downer says

    It’s hard for me to say this, but those silks look superb!

  2. come on DD, you are better than that …
    my stuff is at Knacker HQ and awaits your input when it goes up.

  3. Consider it up.

  4. Terms such as ‘fixed’, ‘pies’ and ‘knackers’ are perhaps unfortunate in this context. CLing would be a Grand Annual type. What no Wocjinski Dash?

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