Grand Final Eve Races

Courtesy of John Dunne – Geelong Racing Club

If you happen to be at the Geelong races tomorrow, you may detect a theme.

Top weight in each race will wear the specially designed Cat silks you see below.

Race Names for the meet will be as follows:

  1. Go Cats
  2. Cup Ambassador Tom Hawkins
  3. Chris Scott
  4. Cameron Ling
  5. No Back To Back Pies
  6. The Greatest Team Of All
  7. Good Luck Stevie J
  8. Centrebet GET ON The Cats


  1. David Downer says:

    It’s hard for me to say this, but those silks look superb!

  2. come on DD, you are better than that …
    my stuff is at Knacker HQ and awaits your input when it goes up.

  3. John Butler says:

    Consider it up.

  4. Terms such as ‘fixed’, ‘pies’ and ‘knackers’ are perhaps unfortunate in this context. CLing would be a Grand Annual type. What no Wocjinski Dash?

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