Grand Final 2016: History is bunkum (sort of…)


Well, not so much bunkum, but we are in a bit of unchartered territory looking at the history of the current finals system (since 2000).


This is the first time that both teams in the big dance have both played 3 finals matches to get there. And no team lower than 4th (twice) has made it to the Granny, so a 7th place is a real out-lier.


Of the 16 series played in the current system, we have the following (excluding the GF replay) fascinating stats to put you to sleep:

  • 75% of minor premier makes the GF
  • 43.75% of minor premiers win the GF
  • 87.5% of teams in GF finished in ladder positions 1 to 3, and all GF winners are in the top 3
  • 87.5% of teams only play 2 finals matches to reach the GF
  • Only 4 times (25%) have teams played 3 finals games to make the GF but all have won the flag (2003, 2005, 2006, 2015).


The dogs obviously have paid absolutely no attention to the script for the first 3 weeks of the finals. Hoping they keep ignoring history.

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