Geoff Raines

Football Fact No. 1,000,000,002

Geoff Raines.

Geoff Raines was the crispest player to ever pull on a boot.

I don’t care that the father of Andrew was a pretty boy, or that the umps didn’t like him, or that he chased the dollar. Not a bit.

In his days at Richmond he would take the ball, clean, get around one, and do the
55 meter drop punts to full forward. When he touched it the opposition were always starting from full-back.

Roach kicked a hundred off him, always left one-on-one. There was no time for back pockets to push across.

Bartlett would start on the flank, see Raines get the ball, then charge for Roach at top speed.

People who compare Raines and Rioli don’t know football.

Rioli was superb, a magician to watch. Entertaining. He would spin, pivot, duck and weave, but that gave backmen time.

Raines was, in his prime, crisp. He played half an oval at a time, always straight towards goal.

He broke lines.

I wish, in my life, I could do that.


  1. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Matt, definitely agree. Raines was a gun at his best. I think his stints at Essendon and Brisbane dimmed his star a fair bit. I saw him play a number of match winning games for the Pies, particularly in 1984.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Spot on Old Dog he was as good a kick over the line there has ever been
    ( Better and more consistent than Buckley and a fraction longer than D Jarman )
    Roil great player but if Richmond had left Raines in the middle I am sure it would have turned out better for both parties
    Thanks Matt

  3. Ian montgomery says

    he was great to wax at kick to kick in the schoolyard at Sale high too!

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