General Footy Writing: How does the AFL expect the code to expand in Sydney?

I have constantly railed against the TV scheduling of football telecasts, as have all footy supporters.

For those who get The Oz I refer them to Imre Salusinszky’s column “The Wry Side” in which he discusses the reason why he was not thrilled by the Adelaide-Collingwood game. His comments encapsulate exactly the frustration felt by footy followers everywhere but particularly those in the eastern states.

The TV station involved needs an absolute rocket as do those responsible in the AFL for letting corporate greed dictate the signing of a contract that has allowed such dumb scheduling.

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  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    Peter you’ll be amused to know that several people in the ACT have been caught out by the TV scheduling in the last 2 weeks and have missed half the game. Friday night during the season the footy comes on at 9.30 and according to some guides still does – however it has come on at 8.30 for the finals. Just to confuse things on Sat nights-different channel it comes on at 7.30. I’ve learned to check the TV guide -but not trust it and turn on the tele and flick channels to check anyway!

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