Season highlights

Although compared to the (now) halcyon days of 2007-2009 and the Grand Finals that went with those years, 2010 was still an overall success with many highlights.  The Cats found an oldie but a newie and KP goodie in James Podsiadly and unearthed a batch of talented youngsters who, if developed in the right way, will become gun players – Mitch Duncan, Taylor Hunt & Daniel Menzel all showed plenty.

As for individual games, the continued mantra that we will never lose to Hawthorn ever again after the 08 GF continued with thrilling victories, although by stating this we are bound to play and lose to them in round 1, 2011. The 95point drubbing of Port Power in Round 4, with our 8th flag being flown and the opening of the Premiership stand was a highlight – post-match as I circumnavigated KP with my wife will be remembered as a golden moment, which I will treasure (no, it was a ‘G’ rated moment) The thrashing of the Bulldogs in Round 20 and the May 22 36 point triumph over the improved Collingwood boded well for another tilt at back-to-back flags, how I was wrong.

Season lowlights

Having to move back to Adelaide after Round the Round 13 loss to the Saints, though good in many ways,  was disastrous in others as I never got to see the Cats win in a further 3 games witnessed in season 2010.

However,  there were signs that our golden era was coming to an end earlier on, namely the loss to Carlton on April 26, where we looked slow and our much vaunted play-on –through-to-the-corridor game plan was looking less noble, grand and magnificent and more, in football terms – suicidal. I also hate losing to the arrogant mob in dark navy blue.

Another lowlight was the fact that Max Rooke never got fit to terrorise opposition and last but not least the ongoing (to this date) saga of Gazza not going/going to the Gold Coast Suns, that ‘franchise club’ with the unoriginal jumper (home should be gold) and American styled nickname…..Gazza’s indecision did affect us and as I write I fear that his grand effort in the debacle of a prelim loss was a swansong to the club that has made him….

The improvers

  1. Travis Varcoe – with a full season he will continue to improve and hopefully live up to my 2007 prediction that he could become our Andrew McLeod – a point that was mocked in 2007 by moronic Crows fans.
  2. Mathew Stokes – Got rid of the tache, seemed to learn from his lessons, and came back a tougher, more committed player.
  3. Tom Lonergan – reinvented as a defender, and seemingly a lovely bloke.
  4. The J- Pod – from  AFL reject turned fitness coach to the King of KP, now for the G in 2011 – believe in yourself mate, you have the best pair of hands in the league.

The sliders (remember i still adore these guys as they are all premiership legends and always will be)

  1. Joel Corey – riddled by injury and looked slow at every opportunity, didn’t use the ball as well he and I know he can, confident that he will be back next year as the champion player he is (although underrated by other clubs)
  2. Andrew Mackie – probably should have played against the pies in the prelim but did make crucial mistakes on several occasions – needs to drop the lairising and get back to playing to his strengths as a rebounding defender who can damage any opposition.
  3. Mark Blake – can’t help thinking we should have kept mummy, his lack of scoring prowess and pace is not funny anymore just distressing…..still love him though, my wife wore his dad’s jumper in last years triumph.
  4. Shannon Byrnes – maybe a bit harsh but seemed to lose a half-yard of pace….not as effective as in 09.

Giggle moment

Not ha-ha in the traditionally funny way, but more in a ha-ha weird and annoying way – James Kelly for ‘sleeping’ during the club song…..very arrogant and bad sporting karma….although not as bad as a champion golfer pretending he’s a great family bloke ™ but is really a Hefner in disguise…..


That I had enjoyed the win in Round 10 against Melbourne more, as well as the rest of our fans as we all seemed a bit complacent that day – I remember missing part of the game due to eating food rather than enjoy our dominance.  Also wish I had taken the footy out for a dob on KP….

What next?

Regardless of the Gazza outcome we will still be strong next year if Bomber stays and plays the youngsters – would like to see gazza/selwood groomed as our next long term captains, and dazza milburn should play next year as well.

We are capable of doing a Hawthorn of 1991 and snaring a ‘cheeky’ flag so Lingy can really be crowned the King of Geelong and retire as a legend that he is.  The Pies and Saints will be the hunted now – therefore I feel that we can sneak under the radar…..interested to see if Adam Varcoe plays next year as well and whether trav can take the next step….gee this is turning into an ode to the Varcoe clan!!!

Heart prediction – we’ll beat Hawthorn by 9 points in the GF, with buddy to kick 9 and win NS.

Head prediction – we’ll finish 4th – 8th.

Now for the Ashes……….and The Henley Hawks Division 2 tennis season!

Ps – this was soooo cathartic after a week from hell (what with Liverpool losing to Man U as well)

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  1. Obviously, I’d like to edit my ‘lowlights’; ‘lament’& ‘what next’……but then again this could continue to change on a daily basis until the GFC dissolves….one can only laugh and/or cry, after all they are all but emotions!

    Now for the real issue — the battle for the 2010 flag! Saints by 1?

  2. Dan

    If we give it a week, you could resubmit.

    The results might be interesting. :)

  3. Richard Jones says

    DAN: I think I’ve typed these lines on another Knackery thread, but …..
    Don’t despair at our inevitable, albeit temporary, decline.

    Smile and smile again at the great years we’ve enjoyed.

    And on the other football code: wasn’t it great to see the Mighty Man Yoo beat those pretenders from Anfield the other day. Was at the Field of Dream, Old Trafford, in November 2008 to see the Red Devils demolish Stoke City 5-zip.

    [Have followed the Pivotonians since 1949 and still have the Footy Record from that very 1st day. We played Footscray.
    A more recent attachment to Manchester United. Only since 1952 when our Welsh-born father took the family back to the Old Dart (a one-month trip on an ancient ocean liner) to meet his family who had marched across country from south Wales to Manchester.]

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